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Noo! The light! Aiiieee!

Ah. It's just you.

Who are you?

Erm. I am Asia Cole, the crazy, slightly vampire-obsessed child-type person...

Lonely grins slightly, seemingly not caring to hide the fact that her i-teeth are long... and pointy...* I'm a kid. Yes, that's right, one of the little people... but mah sister says I have a sarcastic sense of humor.

I realized, recently, how muchI love writing. It lets out all those evil emotions and random thoughts, into something nice. So, I write.

Oh, and I'm a G-nerd, Neogoth, or, in simpler terms, Nerd-Goth. A cross between a nerd and a goth, caused by genetic mutation and excessive amounts of banging my head on random walls.

And I'm in love... with an anime character. *scary voice* The vampire Alucard! He is meh muffin.

No, I don't have a life.

Oh. Um.I wear glasses. And I'm Russian... well, technically I live in the US, but I was born in Russia. ^^

And, in case you didn't realise it yet, I'm a GIRL.

"I turn my head, and you may go where you want.
I turn it again, you will stay till you rot.
I have no face, but I live or die
By my crooked teeth- who am I?"

Neverwere, by Neil Gaiman.

I worship Sunnee the Mash. Go read her writings. -pokes you-

You rock, Sunnee. Thanks for all the reviews.

And go visit me sister, please.

Erm. Here's my art, if you wish to see it.

Uhh... In case anybody is wondering why I have put up so many good reviews, I'm just that sort of person. If I see something I dislike, I will probably just go away. There is no particular style of writing, so somebody will probably like the things that I dislike, and vice-versa... I see no point in making somebody unhappy just because of my oppinion.

Thankee for reading this...


cheers* I finally stopped being lazy and retyped what was missing of my story. And now, finally, I have uploaded it. I would be overjoyed if you read and reviewed it. It's my precious.


April 20

Lonely has commitment issues, yes she does.

Basically, she gets so annoyed with her own work that she stops liking it and starts writing something different in hopes that she will like it. That and her (*-* my) lazinessexplains the large number of stories here that will perhaps never be finished.

So if she (I) doesn't put anything up for a while, or vanishes completely, it's because she is lurking somewhere, writing something that she doesn't want to show mankind.

Or sleeping.

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