Broken Confessions
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Full Name: Stephanie Lianne Joy

Nickname: Plague

Age: 15

Hobbies: Listening to music, drawing/painting/creating, writing, reading up on psychology.

Aspirations: To go into the world of criminal/forensic psychology or maybe an author of horror/supernatural

Used to be nightangel04, then Lady Jordison.

Reviews submitted: 67 (aiming for 100)

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Cycle of life and death supposedly
goes 'round and 'round yet it stops with me
Glorious hunter of my faith I have sinned
Killers are quiet like the the breath of the wind

Filling the shadows with forms of my own
Raised by kindred of Get I was born
Abomination world in disarray
Killers are quiet when they seek the vitae

Reflection beckons a portal shard
Spiritual quest I must stay in guard
Stepping sideways betweens worlds I shift
Killers are quiet when they are born with the gift

Beautiful Anguish cast out by my race
Now one that's Ageless I save my own face
I write my own laws with Death I break bread
Killers are quiet when they come from my head


You know, most of the time i just can't see the point of these bios, because no one actually reads them. And why would anyone want to learn everyone else's personal details. As it says, they're 'personal details'. Most of them don't even tell you anything about the person. So what if she likes Britney Spears? That doesn't make her nice. For all you know she could be some psychopathic axe murderer who has a fetish for other people's feet. But now, since i am so pathetically bored i'm going to write mine.

Hmm, where too start. Ohhh i know. Let's start with my obsession. Joey Jordison! (For all you who don't know he is the drummer for slipknot and guitar/backingvocals for murderdolls) He is so badly the hottest guy around. In my eyes anyway. And especially in his boiler suit and mask. Though he does look nice in leather. Hehehe. But the only bad thing about lusting after said drummer is that he's 5'03. Exactly seven inches shorter than me. I really want to meet him partly due to the fact that i want to see what hugging him would be like. I'd have to kneel down. Unless he's wearing platforms. But anyway, he'd probably only come up to my boobs. Result for him. Not that there's much of them.

Then there' my insanely deep obsession for heavy metal.

Bands I like:

Slipknot (obviously), Static-X, Otep, Mudvayne, Murderdolls, Bloodbath, Frankenstein Drag Queens, Wednesday 13, Marilyn Manson, Linkin Park, Opeth, Chimaira, KoRn, Motograter, Orgy, Stone Sour


I'm so sorry that i keep deleting my stories, but i have my stories up for a couple of weeks and then i look at them and say, i actually wrote that peice of c*p? I promise that from now on i will not delete anything else. Cross my heart.

October Rain:

Kaelynn and Shadow are morphers, and for the last few years have been happily living in the magnificent countryside estate that belongs to their Aunt. But now an outside force plans to ruin their fragile paradise, threatening to swap their wide open forests for the cruel iron bars of captivity.

And when this outside force manages to capture them and tear them away from their beloved home, do they really have any chance of escape? Or will they be subjected to the tortures of the people who abducted them?

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