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My element is Earth.

According to my t-shirt, this mean I am "SMART, down-to-earth, likes a SURE THING, creative, reliable, LOVES STUFF, logical, eye on the PRIZE, great taste, sensual, winner."

That's me to a tee. Haha. Get it...? T...T-shirt...

cough* Anywho, that's me. Except for the "great taste" part. Merlin knows I wear orange and red together enough, to my sister's great chagrin.

My procrastination skills are legendary.

Yeah, I'm good. The presiding school champion of doing-homework-in-the-hallway, French-behind-my-mathbook, studying-while-walking-in-the-passing-period, and somehow-BSing-well-enough-to-scrape-A's-on-tests-when-I-didn't-read-the-chapter. Doesn't make my life any easier though...quite the opposite. But I do have more free time for extracurricular activities.

My pet peeve is whistling.

Please, please, if you love me, don't whistle around me. You're thinking about whistling, aren't you? I can hear it. Stop it!

My schedule is packed.

Between AP classes, dance, newspaper club, drama, band, and my dear A's, I don't know when I have time to eat, let alone update. My New Years' Resolution is not to post a story until it is finished. That I shall easily break, probably within the next hour. Don't hound me for updates (if I ever actually get a story started with reviewers), because school comes first. Then flute. Then Drama. Then newspaper. Then tap-dancing and jazz. And by the time we get all the way around to writing, the one enjoyable part of my life left that's just for me, besides sleeping, I'm pretty frazzled. *sighs* Life's tough in highschool.

Mon francais est mauvais.

Je parle un peau de francais. (grammaire?) Je ne sais pas beaucoup de mots. Quel dommage. Mais, j'aime beaucoup francais.

My time grows short...

I must get at least five hours of sleep tonight, and so I must leave this bio a bit disconnected. Mayhaps I shall add more, but no promises. Thank you for wasting your precious time reading this--if you're anything like me, you should be studying biology instead, but, as they say: C'est la vie!

Or, I think that's what they say. I'm really not sure. Mon francais est mauvais, remember?