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YESSS!!! Finally managed to get back into my old account. However, I've already made a new one, so you will no longer be able to locate me here. Yes, my loveys, cry. You can reach me underneath the pen name Dollface Dead. Tainted Senses is being reposted there along with other new crap. Sorry for being gone so long. Technical difficulties.

My name, Venusvadore, is pronounced: Vay-noss-vay-door.

Another name that probably will arouse question is Zacklentre, in Tainted Senses. His is like this: Zack-lin-tray.

- easy enough.

If you need to reach me for any reason, maybe just to talk, you can get me at [email protected] or [email protected] . Yeah, I'm willing to chat anytime, just add me, I won't mind, and I'm around most of the time.

yawns Still asleep and it's almost two o'clock in the afternoon, that's sad. Well, I'll tell it to ya straight: I have no idea how to write a profile. I like to babble in my A/Ns, but when it comes to this...I'm clueless. Ah well, have mercy, I'll do the best I can. Well, to start off, I'll tell you a bit about my story, Tainted Senses. This is probably the best thing that I have up right now, so if you wanna read a weird SciFi/Fantasy,(maybe a bit of romance winks), go there. If you decide to read it, plz review, it'll give me confidence, believe me. As for about me, I'll only go as far as to tell you that I'm female, (I like having my secrecy), and I like video games and Japanese comics. Oh yeah, and I obsess really easily. And I draw and...hmm, well, that's all I can think of right now. Please review!! Lol.


I have a friend here on fictionpress who's new, and I urge you in the highest to take a look at his things. Type in Exavius and he should pull up. He's also in my favorites, so check him out plz. Oh, and I now have a happy poem, it's called "Sunroof". I haven't updated in a while...sheesh. I'm sure some are probably calling me "Venusvadore the Unreliable" by now, and if that wasn't so bad for the reviews, I would actually probably change my name to that, haha. You have to look at it with humor...seriously. Well, for news on Shadowed Rapture, something in me just died, and I can't seem to pick back up on it again. Keep checking on it though, inspiration will come...someday. However, if you are in desperate need of my wonderful writings and scribbles, (Yeah right) I've had a lot of weird little ideas pop into my head, and they are bound to find their way here -. Get your dosage of me with those, haha.


Internet's been stupid for a while now. It rarely works, which makes it hard for frequent updates. But here's some info on a few of my continuing writings:

Tainted Senses: Though this story is finished, it is being REDONE. There will be chapters added that were not there before, as I forgot to mention some stuff and plus I just love that story to death! For example: I bet you never knew that Ace was addicted to more than his smokes at one time, did'ya? Yeah, NOW you're interested, haha. There will also be some more spotlights of Zack, as he didn't get much justice in the book. Also, I will strive to make all of the grammatical corrections I can, to make reading easier and less annoying! Alrighty, moving on...

Shadowed Rapture: This is an IMPORTANT announcement. Updates on Shadowed Rapture are destined to be slow due to the Tainted Senses editing. I'm sorry for the inconvenience and if you'd like I'll draw you a character from the story and email it to you for Christmas! Hooray for sexy Santas! That was ajoke, but if you really want a Christmas guess I don't mind...haha...

Untitled for now: Untitled for now needs a title! Any suggestions? Updates on this puppy are also bound to be slow because of Tainted Senses. Unfourtunately I can't promise any Christmas Cards on this...I haven't practiced drawing these characters enough :P

Image of Perfection: if anyone's even reading this...

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Shadowed Rapture reviews
(Sequel to Tainted Senses, but it flows perfectly without it). Ace loved Aiko with all his heart, and now she's gone, vanished, and he suspects some other reason for her absence. His search uncovers a secret lost for years that may save their world
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Not Solid
Originally in Tainted Senses. This is one of my favorite poems, though I'm really not sure why. Sad, and a bit haunting.
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Image of Perfection: A Gunman's Tale reviews
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Okay, this is just an idea I had. No, it's not a list, it's a list/short story, and I'm wondering what you'll think of me after you've read it, lol. Oh well, it's funny.
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Lover of the Mask reviews
A poem tributed to a vampire's love. It's probably one of the stranger things I've written, and it really reflects on my insanity and love for vampires, lol.
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"Darkness spilled from a dead man's cup." When it calls, will you go?
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I just wish that you'd let me do what you say you will...This truly is contradiction
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Sometimes friends are like sandcastles...A poem, simple and sweet, though it holds the sadness of my heart woven in its words. Sandcastles represents my lost friends.
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To ease me, think of me reviews
This poem was originally posted in my story, "Tainted Senses." If you have stumbled upon it, and enjoyed it, I urge you to read my story. It's not done, but I'd be honored if you did.
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