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Hello...My name's [archived] and I'm a 16-year-old female. I'm very excited because I've actually started writing a story that I like (The Cloud Chronicles), and I hope you get a chance to read and review it. I promise that if you review my stories I will review yours. And I will update! I will eventually finish the Cloud Chronicles, but if you are bored of waiting for my next update you can read my other stories:

The Devil's Mocha
I wrote this a while ago, and I'm pretty pleased with it. It's about a demon who wants to be devil...and cool stuff happens.

Phones and Their Accessories
A little article that I wrote. I was planning to revise it and stuff, but I couldn't be bothered. Hope you find it funny. Sorry it's only one chapter...I don't really see how I could continue it.

A Close Call
A creepy-ish thing that might not be so good because I wrote it really late at night. And it's also only one chapter.

The Story

An incredibly random thing I've started writing. Actually, it does sort of all fit together. Well, it might once I'm finished. It's quite funny, and it has lots of action and mystery and suspense.

I'm trying to do more freewrites, but I might eventually go back to rhyme. It's really fun though. Don't worry if you can't understand all of them; neither can I. I seem to be having a burst of poetic inspiration, so don't worry if you don't feel like reading all of my poems. What would be nice is if you could find one that has the least reviews and review it.

Thanks so much to all who have reviewed my stories!! If you give me a nice meaty review, I'll be sure to reciprocate in the same way. If I haven't already repaid you, just yell at me or something.


P.S. In case you're interested in my life (which would be weird, but maybe you are):

P. P. S. Once you're done reading and reviewing some of my stuff, please go and check out my friend's work. Her name is whisperbird, and she's a really really good writer. She'll be putting fantasy-ish stories up. This is her address: