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Hi, my name is Melfina. I am not really sure how to describe my character though. But from this I think you should have an idea, and I LOVE ALOT of different types of anime and manga. I don't really have a fav there are too much. I've been writing for at least three years now, and... I can't think of anything else to say sorry but if you want to know anything else about me just email me, and I wrote more about myself a little lower. So read and find out more. He he he he he. Oh and thank you for taking the time to read all this crap, again arigato gozai masu! XD (And yes I know, I know...why the heck do you care...unless you do since ur looking at this?? O.o...)

Name: Melfina Shinta
Age: 14
Hair: Pure, pitch black
Eyes: Dark, dark brown (I think...)
Likes: MANY THINGS, but I can tell you some of them. Let's see, reading manga's, watching anime's, singing, drawing, writing fics, thinking, and the most important one of all is...: MEEESSSHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also known as food, but surprisingly I'm not fat I'm average weighted...hm?Anywho,there I said some.
Dislikes: Blood (yuck), evil people/bratty people, boring lectures, and people who are too stubborn and have minds that are too clouded to notice anything! And a few other stuff that I can't remember or don't want to remember bout my self...OH YES!! I HATE flamers XPP god, you don't help anyone when you flame people!!!!!


Sunday, November 5, 2006- Heh...heheheh? Wow~ It's been almost an entire year since the last time I've updated huh? I'm TRULY sorry about that. I just needed a short break from fictionpress and from writing and it...ended up being longer then it should have. But now I am back and reviewing everyone again, writing again, and reading again. Guh, school is not fun but it's getting better after a few months into my sopomore year (I don't think I spelled that right ;;;;;). BUT ANYWAY!!! GETING BACK TO THE MAIN POINT: I have now updated myself GREATLY. I have submitted a new chapter in Forsaken Child - Chapter 4: Prisoner. Stuff will be explained. Also, I have made updates on the previous chapter and separated the prologue from chapter one since I've been told that might be better, which I felt was. So yes, few stuffs were really changed besides in Chapter 2: Vampires. Thank you all for sticking with me when I couldn't stick with myself for a while -. SO, ANYWAY, ENJOY THE NEW CHAPTER IN FORSAKEN CHILD, PRISONER. Also...SPOILER: Chapter 5 will be titled The Cave, and it is slightly related to The Allegory of the Cave in The Republic by Plato. It's a little backwards in themes but it does have a similarity to it. So, until then, ENJOY!!!!

Thursday, Decemeber 29, 2005- WOW!! You guys won't believe it but...but...I FINISHED CHAPTER THREE OF FORSAKEN CHILD!! And it was much quicker then ever before! And I worked a little on cutting it down and it is a bit. So go read please! And don't forget to review for me and tell me Constructive Criticism! Can you all believe it though? I finished chapter three before the new years! Speaking of which it's past Christmas and it's almost New Years...Well I'm wishing that hopefully everyone had a nice Christmas/break and I hope New Years is the same! Until I update next, BYE...READ FORSAKEN CHILD twitch!!


If you're gonna review my stuff please give me a good review, you could at least say what you liked, but don't just say 'that was awesome! please review my work too!' I will review your work if you review mine, but give me a reason too guys, and please don't flame, actually don't flame me at all! If your gonna critisize me harshly then give reason for it, I'd appreciate that more and I'd review your work that way too.

If I've reviewed your work and it's not very good constructive critisizm and I'm just talking about nonsense and sound stupid. I am truely sorry, but I can't give out good critisizm as I am too nice to try and find faults in others and only in myself. So I'll mostly tell you encouragement or strange comments. So please forgive me on my part, but for me as long as I have helpful/nice reviews I'm very pleased that I'll review for you too when I get the chance so don't pick at me please bows, but if I can help you in anyway I will try my best. SO don't be completely mad at me okay? -

Now Eclipse (RedRoseInsanity) is one of my distructive friends, and Araxia (Ladee Sun) is well you could say she's unique...and distructice.Well anyway, we all work together on alot of fics, but I like to come up with some of my own too. I have alot of idea's left, but so little time to do them all. In the future I will show some work that Eclipse, Araxia and me did together, kay? Although, the lot of us are all lazy and never tell me stuff glares.

Oh and yes, the stuff below are random stuff bout me and ... stuff!

Quotes: some that I love and some that I just like and use in everyday life and all that XD...moving on...

It's only natural for a bull to be defeated in a bull-fighting stadium. ~ Kai's awesome anology! Kai Hiwatari from Beyblade G Revolution!!

Those who wander in darkness wander aimlessly... ~ Tsuzuki Asato from Yami no Matsuei/Decendants of Darkness

He's not my companion. It's guilt by association, and that's all... ~ Sanzo Genjou from Saiyuki!! Gotta love that show!!

Did you see those Huns! They popped out of the snow... LIKE DAISIES! ~ Mushu, from Mulan my fav. Disney movie.

Spader: You'd make a great politician!
Gunny: Thanks!
Spader: ...What's a politician? ~ Spader and Gunny from Pendragon. You gotta love Spader's enthusiasm and carisma. I love Spader! He's so funny~!! X3

And we're going at a speed of moc-1~! ~ Quote my friend said when she told me bout some old ladies that drove past them like the wind and one of them flicked her off passing them XD

Knowing everything ruins everything, knowing nothing means nothing, but then what is safe to know?
SIMPLE!! Don't know everything, but don't know nothing! Stay nuetral! ~ Random quote I thought of one day ;3

I shall call him Squishy, and he shall be mine, and he shall be my Squishy. Come here little Squishy, come on... ~ Dory - Finding Nemo

Let the museigenketsu bless you with enough blood to save you from your lust and God's mistake. ~ Quote from my story, Forsaken Child!

You need to find yourself a girl mate. Or perhaps the reason you practise three hours a day is that you've already found one, and are otherwise incapable of wooing said strumpet... You're not a eunuch are you? ~ Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Carribean!!!

Emma/Hermione: I am taller then you...or I will make myself taller then you... refering to Rupert and Daniel and is on her tip-toes
Daniel/Harry: Okay...why are you so determined to embarrise me? hanging head
Rupert/Ron: ROFL
Emma/Hermione: I am not determined to embarrese you I am determed to be taller then you are still trying
Daniel/Harry: ...same thing...still hanging head
Rupert/Ron: ROFL even harder
Daniel/Harry: Stop putting your head up...your cheating...
Rupert/Ron: yah XD still laughing his ass off
~ Random behind the scenes moment from the second movie of Harry Potter

I can't say that, then she'll think I'm a bubble-head. ~ Shima Katase, aka Shi-pon/Bubble head, from Stellvia

PIE!!!!!! ~ Akii from Saint Artemius School for Girls? This is an awesome story by aeru. You MUST read it, read~ twitch twitch

There's some serious spiritual shit going down...So you can drive a little faster if you want. ~ Cho Hakkai from Saiyuki!!

Give me what I missed and no one gets hurt, I'm taking my heart into consideration, For you destroy it and left it in the dirt, Ruining my love and dedication.~ Ladee Sun

If you meet the Buddha, kill the Buddha. If you meet your father, kill your father. Free of everything, you are bound by nothing. Live your life as given. ~ Genjou Sanzo, Saiyuki

A wise person once said that the only way we've got a chance here is if we keep our heads screwed on straight and work though it, together. ~ Vincent "Gunny" Van Dyke from Pendragon

What is french before it's fried? ~ Vo Spader from Pendragon, he's trying...I think...XD!

I seriously wonder what happened when your D.N.A was being made... ~ Keiji Gentsu from my to-be-posted (again)story called TsuraiNamida/Painful Tears

Wait and Hope! ~ I don't know where this originated, but I got it from the book The Count of Monte Cristo...SOOO boring until the end of the book when the guy FINALLY got revenge on his framers...took him long enough too...nonetheless it's a good quote -

Elder: I see London I see France I see Rosette's underpance hehehe
Rosette: AHH~!!!! gets up and grabs nearest thing... I'LL KILL YOU WITH THIS SPOON!!!
~ Rosette Christopher and Elder from Chrno Crusade/Chrono Crusade.OMG!! You people HAVE to watch this anime, it's so awesome!!!

OMG!! The beyblade characters had a sex change! I knew it but would you guys believe me? NO~! ~ My friend who said this randomly when she saw Beyblade G Revolution in Japanese verson and heard everyone's voices XD. I thought it was funny!! It started with Kyoujyu first though...

He's covered in bandages cuz he gots a sex change. ~ My friend again, she was making up random quotes and they are SO funny!! This happened when she saw Yury/Tala from Beyblade all bandaged up in the hospital.

He's covered in bandages cuz he's trying to make the mummies in Eygpt feel jealous of his smexyness. ~ Yes, my friend again XDD, saw Kai all bandaged up walking around and stuff XDD. Yes, Kai Hiwatari from Beyblade, but the third series.

Romero: I can fly...I CAN FLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOT!!!! WOOOT!!! Look at me!!! Soring thought the air...like Superman!! ~ My friend made this up when seeing a pic of Romero from Beyblade G Revolution flying in the air somehow...I don't know what was going on at that time XDDD.

Tyson: Look at teh smexyness!!
Eclipse: I've seen rocks hotter then u...
Tyson: So cold!! T_T ~ yes I know, I put alot of my friend's quotes on here, but they'll make u die seriously!! XDD.

Brooklyn: wow...I look...bishi-like...
Fangirls: SQUEALS
Brooklyn: O.O
Eclipse: Nah! When did u figure that out? Was it before or after u noticed the rampaging fangirls?
Brooklyn: ...O.o
~This came up when I showed her a pic of Brooklyn (Beyblade G Revolution) and frankly he looked hot in that pic XDDDD.

Little Kid: I'm late!! I'm late!! For a very important date!
Eclipse: Dude...Isn't that from Alice in Wonderland...?
Little Kid: steps on Boris and ignoring E
Eclipse: WHAT?! O.O Come back here so i can beat u senseless!! runs after little kid steps on Boris's head evil grin and does it again
~~~~~~ 5 min later~~~~~~~~
Eclipse: stompping on Boris's head repeatidle w/ an evil grin This is what u get for being an evil poo head and making me lose sight of the little brat!! continues to stomp on his head ~ this came up when she jumped for joy seeing one of the annoying bastards in the show of Beyblade G Revolution get run over by ranpaging kids!!

Friend: I loose my head alot as you all can see.
Me: I don't loose my head I get lost in it!
Friend: XDD
~ Random moment with my friend and me. I actually made a good comeback!!! XDD praise me!! MUHAHAH-cough cough O.O...DANG IT, AGAIN?! XPP

Imagination is precious and the results of it even more so. even make believe can become real if your imagination allows...~ karen rose, a fictionpress user!

Their is no such thing as Logic; that is because logic is the brother of lies. ~Me's made it up randomly, when talkin with one of my friend and thinking of my Forsaken Child story, since logic IS a lie in that story XD.

Also I would like to thank those few who do read my poems and stories and who take the time to review my stuff, thank you:
Soul of the Night
lavender hail
Jane Precious
Ladee Sun (WOOHOO friends!!)
Eclipse (who also had an account called: RedRoseInsanity)
WillowNymph787 (my friend also!)
A Dark White Rose
Shining Silver Phoenix
Raining Silver
British Bitch 69

I thank you SO much for your reviews and or favs/alerts!!!!!!
You guys should definatly read their work!
(Wow...my list is increasing and increasing and I'm not noticing till now O_o;;;)

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