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"Common sense is not so common." --Voltaire

General Info: My name is Eugene and I'm currently a Junior in High School. I'm a Korean-American, my favorite color is black and sparkly green, and I have a strange facinationwith ice cubes. :D I really have no talent what so ever in writing, although I live in denial every day and think that I can actually write pretty well. So I won't feel offended in any way if you criticize my stories. It's understandable and I believe it'll help me come out of my denial stage of life. lol

Likes: Music, Instrument (playing), Reading, Science, HTML Altering, Website Making, Chocolate, Black Roses (why black, I have no idea), Laughing, Movies, Popcorn, Caramel, Swimming, Drawing/Painting/Ceramics/Pastels, Food, Cultural Events/Music/ETC., Computers, Bike Riding, Traveling, and Friends (hugs).

Dislikes/Fears: My Room, The Dark, Coffee, Mornings, School, Homework, Dresses/Skirts, Cheese, Bridges, and Elevators.

Current Story Status: I'm currently writing 1 story at the moment (: First the Worst)

Stories: 1 so far...

: First the Worst - This is the life of an ordinary Asian 16 year old teenager who gets good grades because of her supposedly non-existent 'Asian Destiny' that her semi-psychotic mom raves on about. However, being the third child with two older brothers, she is tagged with several people that she'd like to see drop dead in their tracks. Her parents are good friends with the Principal and she doesn't do a single thing to support her school in any way. Her friends are a group labeled as the "Special Clan" in her mind because of their oddity. Some are goths, others are fashion experts, several are political maniacs, one is afraid of the color red, and the list just keeps going on and on. She doesn't have her license and has been wanting a boyfriend and date for most of her single and dateless life. Who is she? Her name is Melanie Kim, and she is one not to OVER-estimate. Oh, and did I mention that she can be a bit vulgar as well?
Author's NOTE: This story isn't particularly well written and it has lots of flaws when it comes to grammer and picky stuff like that, but I like it. I'll probably end up editing it later on when I have time. This book's way out of character for me to write something like this since I don't actually curse. I've exaggerated a lot of stereotypical things that happen in high school, but a lot of it is just an exaggerated part of my own life. It's a funny story and I'm writing a companion for it as well.

"Violence is not the answer, it's the solution." --Anonymous

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