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For lack of the ability to come up with anything terribly clever for this bio, i'm just going to cut and paste one of those bloody email question things.

Name: lemme go check my id . . . no, not sarah anymore . . . got rid of helga too . . . when the hell was i jessica? . . . as yes, my most recent,lee mongue . . . wait, is that my most recent or am i going by casey paige now? . . . maybe i should ask the guy who's tapping my phone . . . My real name is Hermione, no i'm not kidding. it's an old family name. lucky, lucky me.

Nicknames: do aliases count as nicknames?

Age: old enough to know that sticking tweezers in a wall plug is a bad idea

Pets: i know this one, i know this one! yes! a dog, two rats, andtwo brothers, but i don't know if they count, they don't live with me . . . oh, and that wierd little gnome thing under my bed who makes strange noisesPets:

Hair Color: blonde, but if i get fired (which regretably isn't going to happen soon) it'll have purple or green streaks

Piercing: ears and . . . well, let's just leave it at ears, shall we?

Eye color: gold, the exact same shade as my hair strangely enough.

Hometown: modesto, california (no, i don't know george lucas, yes i did meet lacy peterson once and she was a bitch, and no, happy cows do not come from california and in my 15 years in cali, never once did a cow go doorbell ditching)

Town you live in now: hell, but when it freezes over in the winter, my family calls it reno, but of course i still think it's hell

Favorite foods: polish sausage with cheese, bacon, ketchup, mustard, and relish

Love someone so much it made you cry? i don't cry and there's no such thing as love

Been in a car accident? i came from california, it's what we do. if it's a really dull day, we hop in our cars and try to hit someone. quite fun really.

Disney or Warner Bros.? disney blows and no one knows that better than the girl who works in the video store that plays disney over and over and over again until you've got the songs stuck in your head and you think your head's going to explode and you start to considered running into the hills and living off worms and leaves just so you don't have to hear anymore of it . . .

ahem. warner bros. they make the harry potter movies.

How many times did you fail your drivers test? twice, after the favor i gave the last guy though, there was no way i could fail again.

for those of you who still believe the i am capable of telling the truth right from the off, i was kidding. the last person was a lady who kept oogling my dad

What do you do most often when you are bored? contemplate different ways of holding the school hostage and just who i'd sacrifice first or, when i'm in a bad mood, i think about all the things i could be doing other than be bored and stare at a computer screen wondering why i can't get my latest story to work out.

Most annoying thing people ask? how are you? (hostile and uncooperative, you?)how's your day going? (i'm standing here talking to you, how good could it reall be going?) hot out there, isn't it? (no shit sherlock, i'm wearing an all black uniform and it's 95 degrees outside) so how's _? (dunno, why don't you go ask them if you really want to know?)

Bedtime: sleep, right. i'm about to enter my senior year of high school and i'm going to be taking more tests than any human should have to and i'm going to take seven classes, i don't sleep anymore

Ford or Chevy? ford, mustangs fucking rock!

Likes: guys with red hair, tall guys, reading, writing, Harry Potter, LOTR, designing websites, annoying sanctimonious fools who like to tell me that pagans are all going to hell and that i'll be the one with the most to answer for (slimy bastards)

Dislikes: friendly people, happy people, smiling people, people who breath, people who speak, people who live in the same town as me, people who drive next to me, people with blood in their veins, people in general i guess. (just kidding really) math, american history, american literature, american politics, american tv, american tourists, republicans (yes, i know those are covered with the "american politicians" but i have a special well of hate for them, so they need to be separated)

Music:classic rock (queen, styx, kiss, kansas, the eagles, meatloaf, journey), rock (disturbed, p.o.d., linkin park, afi, loads of others, but i don't want to list them)

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