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It's all fake baby, just as my face, eyes and hair. The way I act, the way I laugh, adjusts with the persons that I'm around and some would call it tact, I would call it tactic. It's all a game and I fear that I'll end up winning it by deceiving everyone around me. Does it even make sense?

I believe that everything can be cooked down to being a game, it just depends on the person and the mindset. I am not a pawn in the game, I master it. Or pshh, maybe not.

I have fun on my own premises only and I do not bend to other peoples wishes. That being said, I can be considerate, only if you don't desire it, want it or try to force it. Give me elbow room and I'll give back so much more.

Random facts:

I am stubborn and I will go great lenghts to see my will through.

I will keep claiming that I have a natural pout!

I aim for peace of mind, clarity and balance in my inner chaotic world.

I gave my television away one year ago, seeing it as a waste of time.

I bite my nails, even though not necessarily nervous.

I don't know how to make the look "if eyes could kill" without seeming like I am hitting on people.

I like everything a bit on the rough side.

I am edgy and have tons of nervous energy.

I don't kiss and tell, well never with specifics anyway.

I am very fond of apples and tomatoes. I could simply live of them.

I whine sometimes just to put up an act around people, to see how they react.

I tend to test people for their loyalty, not by putting together elaborate plans, but by observing their actions in specific situations.

Needless to say I have immense trust issues.

I have dimples - but the right side is more visible than the left side. My sister also has dimples, but with her it's the opposite. Her left side dimple is more obvious than the right.

I love the great outdoors only when the weather is pliant, otherwise I tend to curse a lot about the weather. And living in Denmark - we almost always have rain. Which results in a lot of cursing on my behalf.

I love colours.

I never proof read anything. ANYTHING!

I am lazy, but I just hide it pretty well.

I am known as the workaholic. I do work a lot, though only if it is gratifying - in some way. If it's not, then it's not worth the effort. And I'll end up quitting.

I'm a job-hunter. Been to many interviews, gotten the job, signed the contract, only to quit. What can I say? I like the "chase".

I am always on the lookout for an escaperoute - just in case. Both mentally and physically.

I have huge commitmentissues. To school, friends, family, love, life, present and future. I might be seen as a flake.

I love my coworkers, because they are almost like family.

I am independent.

I love spicy food. The hotter the better.

I don't eat anything deep fried. Or anything McD or Burger King. Yikes.

I can be a bully, but only to people who treat the other people around them like . Call it justice, call it vengeance, call it perverse pleasure in giving other people verbal lashings. I don't care. In my mind it makes sense and frankly, that's all that matters.

I love sushi. And Thai-food. And seafood rock my socks.

I rarely take care of expensive valuable items, like my laptop, my calculator, my bike. My appartment.

I love dogs and plan on getting a golden retriever once I have time and space for it. And also the commitment that goes with having a pet.

I've ended up killing every pet that I've had. Luckily I've only had fishies and chicken. The only time my parents we're reasonable in their restrictions.

I own my studioappartment.

I am financially independent.

I know people, but that doesn't classify them as friends.

I don't eat anything containing milk. Oh and fermented cheese gives me migraine.

I could never get enough of french kissing.

I usually wear no makeup.

I've seen almost any kind of violence in real life.

I fear love.

I hate being drunk and in loss of control.

I get drunk after 3 shots.

I only drink alcohol with people I trust.

I moisturize once a day - every night to be exact.

I like observing people to see how they interact. Hopefully without seeming too creepy.

I check out girls as well as boys.

I a tomboy in disguise.

I love a good ride. (Talking about cars here...)

I am my strongest under extreme situations. The core wont budge.

I suck at reading the danger signals of my body.

I'm jaded.

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