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My name: Ashley

My age: Why do you wanna know that! I turn 14 on July 24!!! If you guys wanna wish this Leo a happy birthday, that would be nice cuz no one else will prolly remember.

Hair color: Brown, but I literally have a blonde streak; its just at the base of my skull. I gave myself bangs and I need to refresh my red highlights.

Eye color: Brown, I know I'm generic.

Height: 5'5"--Yay! I grew an inch. Well maybe not, no one around here has a good measurey thing so I really am not sure.

Weight:Why do you care? Well... depending on what I've eaten that day, between 110 and 115.

Favorites: I like lotsa music. Don't really like sappy stuff though. I like rock. Black Sabbath and such. I love Evenescence. Really hope I spelled that right. I love the color green. Although black is tempting. Chocolate and juicy red rare steak are my favorite foods. Sorry if you're a vegan.Or whatever. I like the songs that Gregg, this guy from school writes. So here's the unfinished version of one, this is the only one he gave me and I like it so I'm gonna post it. If you want me to get rid of it, let me know and I'll take it away.

you make me feel like im alive again
u make me feel like im in love
you make me feel like
there is reason left to live
and i would give anything
to be with u

if love is a battlefeild
than i lost the war
if life is a love fest
u left me wanting more
heart break is a smack in the face
love is just a giant race
the adrenalain pumping thought every vein
but i dont wanna feel the pain
love is driving me insane

Other:Well, I don't have glasses. I need them though. I wear contacts though. I want green ones, and an accent. Don't care what kind though. I could use braces...but don't know if my family can afford them. I might yet be saved!

Random: I am in love with the best one (secretly hoping last but you know--foolish girly desires) yet and his name is Chris...*sighs* My friend Megan is definately the chicest person that I know. I love horses and have four. I want a dressage horse. If you know what that is; congrats. Most people don't. I got Little Biscuit, and I still laugh every time I say his name! We changed his show name to Napoleon Dynamite. However, I also want a gray gelding(that mom actually likes!!!big improvement!)or a NAYRC championship worthy horse. Right now I'm just trying to go with the flow. I might sound concieted for saying this, but I know that with the right horse under saddle, I can win it, and even go to the Olympics one day.I'm basically an equestrian genius. If you don't agree, your loss, haha you know I'm better than you, or at least that's what everyone says...I didn't see you train your own horses...by yourself...

*Alrighty, so I've basically left that insane table because it's disgusting. I don't want to sit with people who complain about having NO life when it's their fault. I mean if you are mean to everyone who tries to be nice and you wait for people to come to you, you're never going to get anywhere. I also don't want to sit somewhere where people like Daniel "rule".*

So if I sound like I'm all desperate and Good Charlottey, don't worry. It's unintentional. I don't even really like them. I just want to post stuff so that you can read good writing. Yes, most of it will have to do with events that have happened to me in my life. Hopefully I'll remember to give you some info on what it is that I'm writing about.

*If you dont have something nice to say don't say anything at all. If you don't get something then email me and I'll try to explain, don't try to make a point with a nasty review. In case you hadn't noticed, it doesn't really get you anywhere. If your mom didn't teach you the "if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all" thing, then your mom's not too smart now is she?*

Basically (thats my favorite word), I try to be optimistic in life. However at certain times every so often I fall into a depressed state. Hmmmm...this happens once every month or so...lol. Seriously though, sometimes I just get stuck in a rut. Hopefully you won't dislike those times. My writing usually reflects my mood, and duh, my thoughts too. So you should be able to tell.

If you review, please do by the way, I guess I'll figure it out. Please be constructive. If you have a personal problem and you know me, say it to my face. (Be a man! Or I suppose a woman.) If you don't know me, then I guess go ahead and say it. Although my 'rents might read it. Sucks for you.

So I'll post soon. Then let me know what you think.

Mostly because of the people that might read it.~hint~hint~ Oh, has anyone read Lord of the Flies? I think it's a good book. It really shows what people are like on the inside. Will someone tell me where I could rent the movie? I can't seem to find it anywhere.

P.S. Thanks for your support Elli!

Oh and sorry about the summary thing for my poem. I didn't know how many words it could handle. I just thought of the first few lines with Elli yesterday and made it into a poem cuz we both liked it. That's basically what I meant in the part that was left off.

-Eeeeeeeekkkkkkkk!!!! Just took care of a spider. Yes, I murderd a poor innocent creature. But I'm sure it's intentions were not good. I know for a fact that the humongous black and white fuzzy jumpy spiders bite. Not for a good reason either. My mom was trying to help one once, because it was in a horse's water bucket, and it bit her. She wasn't too smart about how she did it, mind you she stuck her hand in there to scoop it out. But her finger got all swollen and red and it hurt really bad. I suppose it wouldn't get tooswollen and red if you weren't really allergic to things already; but I certainly don't want to be the one to find out. Anyway, my spider was INSIDE of the Kleenex box and came riding out onone thatI was, for the record, going to throw into the fire anyway. I did the usual girly thing when someone like me (or possibly your little sister) finds a spider. ThenI threw itinto the fire. But honestly,spiders are bad news. Sure they are really helpful at controlling bugs, but not as good as thePeacocks. Besides, Peacocks are prettier and won't try to climbinside your mouth when you are sleeping.

"Fire and Ice" reminds me of a kid that tried to commit suicide, wanted to die, then was hospitalized.

Elli is the "Ellitor"

I'd honestly like to form a band. Has anyone read Wuthering Heights?Oh, if I didn't mention this up there, I'm an artist. An ok artist. But that's ok. It's all about the creativity, right? I hope so. I'm pretty creative...for a small town girl. "living in a lonely world, took a midnight train going anywhere..."

Yes, recently I have been breaking into song whenever I hear something that reminds me of one in particular. Hopefully it's not too annoying.

I'm not an insomniac. I'm not an insomniac. I'm not an insomniac. I'm not an insomniac...

April 17:

Here's a convo that kinda tells you about Will:

Ashley: im just wondering what you would like

Will: i'd like anything you gave me
Ashley: so if i gave you a pink sparkly tiara
Ashley: youd like that
Will: i'd wear it every day
Ashley: and if i gave you a brown paper bag
Will: i'd frame it
Ashley: and if i gave you a turtle
Will: i'd eat it

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