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GENERAL INFORMATION ( Last Updated 12-31-2006 )

Handle: Sbiis Saibian

Sex: Male

Age: 23

PROFILE (Last Updated 08-01-07 )

I been working on "projects" since I was a kid. My projects include many things but most notably they include works of fiction. I can write and draw, and this is the main way in which I bring my creations to life.

OTHER INFORMATION ( Last Updated 08-17-07)

Project Typhon:

Project Typhon is a work of original fiction which I am planning to submit to Fictionpress in the form of an episodal fiction much like a television show. It has a predominantly sci-fi setting with lesser elements of fantasy. It also has a feel of a typical saturday morning cartoon and is somewhere along the lines of a super hero show. It doesn't take itself too seriously and can be thought of as a "comedy", however it also has action and plot development making it more than just a mere parady.

Currently the only material works for the series include drawings of many key characters, and a half finnished first draft of the story. A special Fiction Press Version (FPV) is planned to be written and submitted once the first draft is completed.


I also have a account. My pen name is Sbiis Saibian there as well. I currently have no fan fictions there though.

You can e-mail me at [email protected].


Project Typhon: Well not surprisingly I won't release it on 08/28/07, but I can say that I am roughly half way through a first draft of the series. I'm thinking it may be best to complete the first draft before beginning my FictionPress installments.

Fan Fiction: I'm currently thinking about working on a fan fiction that will go along with project Typhon. However I am not totally set on an idea yet. I'll give updates on whether this idea will be pursued and what progress is being made.


A whole half a year has gone by?! Well alot has changed in my real life since then. This update is here because I'm back to working on project Typhon. I'm planning on premiering the first episode on 08/28/07.

UPDATES(01/23/07) Tuesday

I see that I actually got one legit hit on my profiles page, which is encouraging. As you can see I haven't totally given up on my project. Perhaps I was a bit hasty in my decision. The fact of the matter is that I am a young adult and I'm still learning how to balance serious work with side stuff like this. I am obviously not going to have the kind of time I had hoped to do my writing. Consequently, its going to take longer for me to complete this series, probably more than a year, and that's assuming I ever even get started.

One of the reasons for the delay of Project Typhon is that something about the timing didn't feel right. First off, I was working on it while I didn't feel too well, and second, picking up a project after 9 years has some strange effects. You feel like your tampering with a classic that never existed. I think that what Project Typhon really needs is time to come into its own, and transcend its original shell. It is definitely a "Teen" series, since I wrote it as a teenager, and it probably will have a teen rating. None the less, I still find myself liking certain aspects of it. Of coarse I like it mostly out of nostaglia, that does not mean that it is great stuff.

There is another reason this Project Typhon feels alittle off. Project Typhon in large part, is a visual series. It's about the look of characters. It would probably make a nice little comic book mini series. Also, humor is probably described best visually. Actually I had planned to find a way to have series art accompany Project Typhon, but unfortunately I don't have access to a scanner, and I don't draw very good on the computer. It remains to be seen whether I can find a way get my art online.

Anyway, I've had to take a break from Project Typhon to take care of serious things, and this means that the premiere date will have to move. However, since things are kind of unpredicatable at the moment, I can't give a precise date. I would guess in March something might just happen.

I will keep up with one thing though. Since it doesn't require much effort, I'll try to keep a weekly update for now.


Sbiis Saibian


I regret to inform you that the rate of progress is so slow for project Typhon that it will be temporarily terminated. This means the premiere date is now void, and no provisional premiere date will be given either. Also, I will no longer be keeping up with a weekly update, so don't expect one in a while. I don't believe anyone even noticed any of this anyway so it hardly makes a difference. I can only say that I hope to return eventually, but that at this time it is impractical.

UPDATES(01/10/07) Wednesday

Okay, first off I will be attempting to submit Updates just like these roughly once a week from now on. Usually the updates will come on Tuesday, but if I am unable to for any reason then I will simply try to submit another update as soon as possible. This way you at least know that something is going on. Last note on this subject: I will only keep the 10 most current updates on this profile page to keep it neat.

Secondly I'd like to make something clear in regards to "INTRODUCTION(March 2005)". The Yu-Gi-Oh! fanfiction "Reign Of Chaos" no longer exists, and most likely will never resurface again. I probably did release it a second time on the mentioned date, but it was removed a second time, this time because it was in script format. Some self-righteous vigilante decided to report me because I had written my story in episode format. Since then I have lost interest in the "Reign Of Chaos" project because it has evolved into something else. Several of the characters from it were my own original characters, and I decided it would be better to just take those characters and create an original work. This project is highly underdeveloped and I don't know if anything will ever come of it. This may be a future project some day on this website, so we will just have to wait and see.

Thirdly, I still have my account. My Author name there is "Sbiis Saibian", exactly the same as it is here. You can just type it into the pen name search on and you will get my profile on that site. However, I currently have no fan fictions written at that site. I only mention it for future reference. If I do write any fan fiction, I will mention it here.

Now on to the important item. The project FPR2 is having some delays but is still in the process of being created. I'd also like to change the codename to something more telling, "Project Typhon". I will refer to it as Project Typhon for now. Project Typhon's premiere release should be on January 30, 2007. However, depending on progress this date may move.

Project Typhon as mentioned before is a science fiction adventure that does not take itself too seriously. In fact it borders on comedy. It is a bit like a saturday morning cartoon show, and it is of the super hero variety. This is why its chapters will be refered to as "episodes". However, to avoid the disaster that befell Reign Of Chaos, the episodes will not be written in script format. Project Typhon is based off an old series of characters I had created way back in High School. At the time, it was the closest thing I had to an original series. That was about 9 years ago, and its tenth year anniversary is coming up. The series was never actually completed and always remained in the sketchy phase. This FicPress submission is an attempt to finally bring to completion an old project. Because the original story was created by me when I was a teenager, it is not my best work. However there were alot of holes and burrowed material that had to be patched up and altered in the original story, so it is not quite the same thing now. It remains to be seen what the end result will be.

Lastly, I am aware that I am getting new hits on my profile page. I suspect it may be one person. If that is so, I'd like to thank you for your interest, it is appreciated. I hope that the results are worthy of your anticipation.

Also if you are new, why not read "Saibian's Fables" while your waiting. They are short stories and should be well worth your while. If you have read them and liked them, please write a review and tell me what you think.

I'll try to update my profile next tuesday, and tell you what progress is being made with project Typhon. 'Til then...


Sbiis Saibian

UPDATES(01/02/07) Tuesday

Okay, my newest potential project will be codenamed, "FPR2" for now. FPR2 will be a Sci-Fi adventure. It will probably premiere with its first "episode" sometime within January or Febuary of this year. An exact date is still pending. Keep in contact as I give further updates.


Hello, you nor anyone else on this site would know me, with one small exception. I am not a newcomer, its just that my account has been very inactive since its inception. I wrote a short set of stories a year ago that got virtually zero response, and it has now long been buried under many other updates of other writers.

The real reason for this update is that I may very well be making a come back very soon. I have not had easy computer access for the last year, but now I'll will be able to consistently keep in contact. Furthermore, I haven't really had anything to write, so there was no point. I am now working on something, which might show up sometime in 2007. I'm not saying anything specific yet, but I will say more about it later and provide a primere date eventually. I am happy to be back, lets see if anyone else is.


Sbiis Saibian

UPDATES (9/7/2005):

Thanks to school I finally have some original material to submit to Fictionpress, "Saibian's Fables". Its a collection of all the fables I've been writing in my english class. I enjoyed writing them enough to feel they were worth posting. I hope they are recieved well.

INTRODUCTION ( March of 2005 ):

I'm a newcomer here, from As soon as i get a good idea for some original fiction, i'll definitely post it. For now, i'm just getting my gears going by writing fanfiction. If you want to know stuff about me, just look at my favorite stories, and the stories i write. Currently i had my only story removed from because of a sort of contest thing i offered at the end of one of my chapters. I'll repost my story on 3/26/2005. It's a Yu-Gi-Oh! FanFiction, with a number of original characters mixed in with the official ones.

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