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shadowofdeath90, one of my alteregos. Technically, this is the assassin one. Hopefully you wouldn't really piss me off.

I don't really care whether you be nice to me here or not, just one thing, I want respect from you, no ifs or buts. I mean it. Unless you want me to embarass you far worse than you did to me.

I'm open to any suggestions you want to give me, I'll gladly accept it and surely, will give you credit.

I'm very fond of anime, especially Naruto, hell, especially that! As well as Digimon Frontier, Full Metal Panic, Full Metal Alchemist, DN Angel and Shaman King. Card Captor Sakura and Tsubasa Chronicles are far the best ones CLAMP has created; great drawings and all. I am currently on a SasuSaku craze! So my current favorite anime is now Naruto. Heck I love the way Masashi Kishimoto drew their anatomy and how he came up with the idea of traditional weapons wih a clash of other present items.

I have a account full of fics so if you like that anime, and also support SasuSaku(SasukexSakura), feel free to read and review them. Here's the link to save you the trouble:

And also, please, I don't accept FLAMES, I'd prefer constructive criticsm. I would definitely ignore you if you flame me, but will not be ignorant for not taking note of the things you point out. And definitely no SPAMMING.

I'd like to hear your reason on why you liked, or hated, my fiction. I really want a definition on why you enjoyed or detested it. If I get a good and decent review, surely, I'll be doing my best on the next chapter or story I post.

Current Fiction/s:

None in the meantime

:Sorry for those who liked Destiny, I just couldn't find the time to update or make it any longer. Sorry for the inconvenience: