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Hi! My name is Kini Takohashi! I'm thrilled that you decided to check out my bio to get to know me a little better. Or wait, did you? How do I know if you came here for this? How do I know you care?! What if no one is really reading this right now?!! Oh god!! The room is spinning!! No one loves me! Nooo!!...

... anyway...

So here's some cool stuff about me (or is it cool?! Oh god!...):

About me:

Full name: Kini Jean Takohashi

Hair: Thin, black, down to the bottom of my neck, tipped at the ends with navy blue

Eyes: Dark dark brown

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Race: Is race the right word? I'm Japanese. Heehee!

Languages: Japanese, English. I wanna learn uummm... Latin!

Sexuality: Straight. Though I am completely obsessed with homosexuals! (prefferably guys!)

Religion: Um... well I'm not atheist... aethiest... however you spell the damn word... but I wouldn't call myself buddhist or christian or jesusfreak... I'm more of a spiritual-thingy-person-whatever! (Dunno)

My favorites:

Color: Navy blue

Place: Japan (though I do love America!)

Anime: At the moment? Hana-Kimi

Music: Rock, Country, Lullabies, Sound tracks to movies/musicals, oldies

Song:I really like the song Superdrive from Gravitation!

Musical: At the moment? Wicked

Tv show: Uhh... Hmm... tough one... I dunno, right now I'd love to watch Will and Grace! Heehee!

Animal: Uhmm... I love all animals!

Flowers: Carnations or roses


Icecream flavors: Rainbow sherbert, Orange sherbert, Strawberry, Cookie Dough, Banana-strawberry

Cone: Waffle or sugar

Smoothie: Mm... um something with mixed berries and a banana

Coffee: (Yes, I drink coffee) Carmel Machiatto (Iced and Hot)

Desserts: Fried Icecream, pockies, chocolate bananas, milk chocolate, icecream in general

Pizza topping: Cheese or Pepperoni

Fruit: umm... japanese-style watermelon! Mm!

Vegetable: Umm have to say cucumber!

Meat: chicken or really bloody lamb. Mmmm...

Cheese: Cheddar

Bread: Wheat, French, White, Garlic

Snacks: Sliced tomato and cucumber in vinagar (is that how you spell it?), Funyuns, pockies, strawberries dipped in sugar

Chips: Funyuns, Sun crisps

Sandwich: Lettuce and Tomato with mayonaise on wheat bread

Chinese food: Rice, sweet and sour chicken, ramen noodles

Soda: At the moment?... Orange Fanta!

Juice: At the moment?... White grape or orange

Flavored water: Purple! Uh don't remember what it's called...


Genre: YAOI, Angst, Romance, Fantasy, Horror

Book: At the moment? Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West

Manga: Hana-Kimi

Other things I like:

Movies: Just a random few off the top of my head are Princess Mononoke, The Grudge, The Ring (1 and 2), basically any horror movies

American TV shows: Will and Grace, Friends, Reno 911, South Park, Stella, that thing with comedians

Anime I've seen on TV: Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Gravitation, Fruit Basket, Yu-Gi-Oh, Dragonball(Z, GT)

Manga: Hana-Kimi, Gravitation, MARS, Juvenial Orion, Kizuna: Bonds of Love, Eerie Queerie

Books: The Vampire Chronicles, Harry Potter, His Dark Materials, things by Christopher Pike, things about Robin Hood and his family, things about Mythology


As for sports, I like swimming, and I like badminton and baseball and dodgeball (but only when I'm playing against people who suck as badly as I do!). I like to write fictional stories that have romance, action, music, comedy, angst, and maybe even some mystery in them, and at the moment I keep getting ideas for Yaoi. I like to read and learn new words from advanced reading, and I like to study and go to school, because my friends are there along with the ausome things I get to learn. I am going to school in America this year (me and my mom travel a lot), and I will be taking Drama, because I might want to be an actress (movies and/or musicals/plays) when I grow up. I mostly want to be a writer, which is why I'm taking writing classes like creative writing during my high school time. I also like singing. I can play piano very well, and can teach myself just about any song I want with practice. I've started recording my piano songs (I also write my own music and songs even though I can't read notes very well) onto my computer. I also have started making animations using Paint and Windows Movie Maker, and then I began making anime music videos with some things my friend showed me. In my spare time I read mangas or go and buy them with the massive amount of money I get per week for babysitting. I also like drawing, though I suck at it, anime characters.

What got me into...

Writing: This is actually kinda funny. When I was little I used to watch Doug (an american saturday morning cartoon) with my friends from these videos my dad sent me, and Doug had this thing where he had his own super hero called Quail Man (it's quail man right?). So I decided to make my own super hero, a stick figure girl with a blue body suit and red cape, and I made them into comics. That's when I started writing story lines, and eventually I started writing fanfictions and then stories.

Anime: My first anime ever watched was Sailor Moon. Who hasn't started off that way? I liked it a lot when I was little, but I didn't even know it was anime. I learned about anime when my cousin convinced me to watch an episode of DragonballZ with him. It was during the Namek Saga where Frieza and Vegeta and all the good guys were all like 'grr' at eachother. I got so hooked on it that I watched it every day, screaming at the proper moments, crying when people died (REAL tears, dammit!), getting excited when certain things happened, predicting this, wishing for that, yata yata yata, and then of course getting the hots for Vegeta and worshiping him through junior high. I mean, when I get hooked, I get HOOKED. I have boxes of dragonballz things in my closet, and stacks of dbz picks that I used to have covering my entire walls like wallpaper that I printed out myself from various websites. I had my own vegeta-worshiping web page, for crying out loud. It was around this time I took up my first pen name, Chikiro No Ouji. Maybe one of you random people out there recognize it...

Manga: Well, the first manga I read (though I didn't know it) was a dragonballZ one, of course, that I got for my birthday. I hadn't really been used to mangas, because I preferred reading American things, and mangas hurt my eyes because they went backwards. I know, I'm pathedic. I'm probably the most American Japanese person there is. Anyway, when I made other anime-obsessed friends, they introduced me to some other mangas, and I finally started buying my own. I think this is also what got me into YAOI, because my suppliers were all obsessed with it (and I do have one gay male friend, who supplied me with most of the YAOI manga I read).

Singing: When I was little, mother had a big black boom box in the living room, and she would play her favorite music (mostly country, odd as it is) really loud. I would dance around the living room with her and sing along with the music, and to this day I can recite an entire country song if it's around ten years old or older.

Musicals: I have a step-sister that was really into musicals. I never realized I liked musicals so much until she started teaching me the dances to some of her favorites. Most of the musicals I watch are ones that she recommends to me.

Acting: When I was very, very little, I took acting classes in a big city somewhere. I always loved the spot light, but I couldn't stand auditions, and so eventually my parents stopped taking me to the classes. I still have trouble with auditions, though being in school musicals and plays have made me more outgoing.

Learning: When I was little, mom was always travelling with me, so she found it easier to home school me than to settle down and send me to public school. Because of this, I learned faster than other kids, and I probably learned more. Mom would never accept any grade lower than a B, and would make me re-do my work if I got B- or lower. Eventually I didn't ever get B- or lower again. I don't think I did until I started school, but that only happens if I'm absent a day or two. Now I make it my goal to have straight A's, because I want a lot of offers on jobs when I graduate. I plan to go to a four-year college.

Things I own:

Books: Wicked, Blood and Gold (VC), Queen of the Damned (VC), The Vampire Lestat (VC), Gravitation (books 4 - 12), Hana-Kimi (books 1 - 5), three How to Draw Manga books, His Dark Materials (books 1 - 3), The entire Chronicles of Narnia (though I've never read them), Spellbound by Christopher Pike, MARS (book 5), Juvenile Orion (books 2 and 3), Tons of Goosebumps books, and a bunch of others.

Diaries: A whole bunch of normal diaries dating back to 1995ish, a few song diaries, and a couple dream diaries.

Musicals/Movies (on DVD!): The Wizard of Oz, Little Shop of Horrors, Footloose, Dragonball GT (a few episodes), CATS, Pirates of the Caribbean, and probably some others. These are just in my room right now.

Games: For Gameboy Advanced I have Pokemon Leaf Green, Saphire, Crystal, Gold, Silver, Yellow, Red, and Blue, DragonballZ Taiketsu, and some other Dbz game. For Gamecube I have Sonic Adventure Battle 2, Sonic DX, and Dragonballz Budokai. For X-Box, we have a bunch of racing games and fighting games like Halo and Halo 2. For Super Nintendo we have various old games, for nintendo 64 we have some mario and some pokemon and some others, and somewhere in there are donkey kong games. I have a ton of computer games, most of them magic schoolbus, language games, or things like Knowledge Adventure Whatever grades 4th and 3rd and so on.

Instruments: A piano, a little guitar, and a baby pink and blue recorder.

Computer: One computer (gateway) that really sucks and an HP printer/scanner/copier/faxer.

Furniture: Desk, bed, 2 bedside tables, a bookshelf, a drafting table, japanese decorations, old fashion decorations, some candles, an alarm clock, a radio/cd player, an old fashioned clock, three swords (two japanese and one pirate), and sooo much more... and a spinny chair! wee!

Plants: Bamboo. A little one. Is it bamboo? My brain isn't working right now...

Me showing off:

I have written around 50 books in a series I made from Dragonballz fanfictions, 10 books I called Musako Yamachita, a book called Fireheart I never finished, a book called... uh... I can't remember... that I never finished, a musical called the Light of the Forest I never finished, a Dbz fanfic called Vegeta's Afterlife, A Dbz fanfic series that I share with my friend that is still going, a Dbz fanfic called White In the Black that I never finished, A series called The Vampires that I only finished book 1 of, the series Pretty Boys, Pretty Men, and Pretty Different!, Dear Diary 1 - 3, a story called Adverage Lives that I never finished, a horror novel called Dare Me that I don't even remember starting, a parody of a play called As You Like It, a Robin Hood short story I wrote for school, Lost and Lost 2, a short story of a myth I made up called the Birth of Lazilus, an informal fiction I wrote for health class called The Smallest Mistake of My Life (about having a baby), a story called My Diary I am in the process of writing that is based on me, lyrics to two songs to a musical I might write, a horror novel called Mikio that I remember the storyline for but haven't finished, a story called Jester I probably never finished, Paradise DEMON, the poems Deliver Me Love, If Only They Knew, Magic, Fading, Lonely Cloud, and of course the others posted on this website, and The Ranting of A Crazy Author that I made just because I was bored. I probably forgot something... and of course all my songs, including Just Jump (in japanese! Yay!), I'll Still Hold On, Oklahoma (a parody), Waiting for the Day, Spell, To Arron, Money Can't Buy Happiness, It's Just Not Worth It Anymore, If This Was My Suicide Note, The Dentist, Do You Like Me, and a bunch of others that I really don't wanna dig for...

Wow! That's a lot of info! If there's still something ya wanna know about me, just ask me about it by email or reveiw and I'll add the info to this bio! Bye for now!

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