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Hello peoplez! I'm Birley as anything with two brain cells to rub together can tell from my pen name. I'm from Sydney, Australia and I don't think I have an Australian accent. Well, I think I don't anyway. I'm 13 and I'm hopeless at updating, I don't think I've updated for three months or something.

Okay, let me tell you all about me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, well...

My Love Affair with Strepsils...

Yes, however sad it may seem, I am addicted to Strepsils, but only the Honey and Lemon kind. You know the yellow ones? I was working really hard in knocking over the addiction, but then my friend had to go and force me to do my assignment... And I was that close, too... Yep, I'm way off topic. Well, anyhow, I'm sort of off them now, cause Mum won't buy any more cause no one has a sore throat... But I've found some thing else to be addicted to now...


Yes, I'm still sad. You know, the seaweed paper stuff when you want to make sushi? The green stuff on the outside? If you were thinking I ate seaweed straight from the sea, you have less than a brain cell. But then, that's better than me. I have a half.

Now, what else to bore you about?

The Fish...

Oh yes, to all of you who care (a.k.a. no one) my brother's fish died!!! Mwuhahahahahaha!!! I could never do the evil cackle anyway. Well, the whole point is, when my brother bought two fish, he named one Dart (see the originality) and I named one Dothead (now, that is original). And then Dart died!!! Mwuhahahahahahaha!!!

P.S. Oh yeah, now that I've decided to fix my profile up, I forgot to say Dothead died, what, two months ago... oh well.

My Stories... Story...

I'm going to take down my Dezet story. It's just I need to fix a few things and finish it before I put it back on again. And anyway, I don't think anyone reads it... Readers? Readers? Nope, that was only the wind. Wishful thinking...

I just put one up... it was actually a school assignment, and it is really weird... I actually had a nightmare about it once... it wasn't really a nightmare, when it stars a few teddy bears... oh well... you can go look at that...

Oh, and note that Satanic Insanity does not mean to offend anybody out there reading it... *gulp*

So yes, I'm going to fix some of my stories...

I think that's all for now.


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