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Oh boy...looking at the dates here it has been a long time and I am so sorry to those who have been waiting for Kairon's Refuge to finish. I want to say I will get it done asap, but I do have something else in the works at the moment. However I will eventually come back and revisit both of my stories, Saeron's Temple and Kairon's Refuge to edit and revamp them a bit. Being much older now than I was back then I feel the books could use some work.

On another note if you like sci-fi or anything along the lines of having a survival feel (call it post-apocalyptic if you will) check out my newest story Balance Tippers. Yes there will be romance in it, for all you romance lovers (no pun intended). This story is something I've been thinking about for a while and one I have mostly thought out. It's still very rough so if anyone has time please give the first chapter a read and comment so that I know what it's lacking. I was going to put it up on Wattpad, but I figured I'd bring it here to you fine people first. Feel honored :P


XD So I just got a new computer. The perfect excuse to start writing... right? Right. And I've had plenty of time to think of the next chapters to most of my stories. Hoping to get these stories finished finally and write more because I have put these off for far too long. I have most of Saeron's Temple II thought out at least ;).


I'm so so very...ok so it's the start of summer and I've actually been working on what I'd like to call the official sequel to Saeron's Temple, which will be called Saeron's Temple 2. I know, I need to work some more on Kairon's Refuge, but I have had major writers blocks. MUSIC. I will listen to more music and come up with more scenes and a proper ending to the story, as it will soon be coming to a close. I also need to work more on my rock star story since it's the only non-fantasy story I've created so far. I have other ideas for stories, but I've already told myself that I will finish these before I write or post anything on them. Hope you guys are all doing well. Sorry for the wait. There should be much to read soon :D


I'm in college and taking a creative writing class thats really helping me with my stories. It's inspired me to create a book of at least 10 short stories I've written in that class. So far my teacher loves my work so I'm more then confident to pursue this endeavor. Also, I plan on updating Kairon's Refuge and Secretly Your #1 Fan real soon. I have the chapters all written out and/or started and just need to make sure their good to post. Sorry for the long wait. College is great, but there is a lot of work involved with it and some of you probably know.

Well I think that's really all I have to say. Oh, and check out my short stories as I post them. Their the cut versions, but I'd really appreciate some feed back on them so far. Thanks :)


Things are going a little better now, and I finally finished editing Saeron's Temple like I promised I would in the summer. Woo! So it's currently published now and you can find it here.

Its all nice and cleaned up for you guys...took me forever, but it was worth it. Theres a few never before seen pics of the characters and an edited version of the first chapter of the sequel :) If the link doesn't work for some reason you can find the book by going to and searching Saeron's Temple.

Anyone who wants to spread the word I'd love that more then anything. I should perhaps come up with a contest that gives away prizes to those who can get the most books sold. Lol, just an idea :P


Currently I am going through a very rough time in my life. I just broke up with my boyfriend of more than a year and he's already trying to move on with barely an once of love left for me. I know, boo hoo, who cares get another one. I realize this, but I still really hurt and I'd like everyone to know about this so that they know I'm not being lazy in submitting my chapters, it's just their all romance stories and the fact that I have to get into the stories to make it work would just ruin them because I have no need for romance at the moment.

Now before you get upset that doesn't mean I'll completely stop updating my stories. No, I'll keep updating, but it will prob take me long so I can focus and make sure I'm not taking my pain and grief out on my stories because I want them to be good in the end.

Please try to understand and thank you all for viewing my stories. Just seeing all those views and reviews is enough to give me a little spark of happiness in this dark time of mine.

I'm currently working on editing Saeron's Temple for publication. It should be published no later than summer and will have pictures of some of the characters (some never before seen) as well as new chapter(s). My goal is to make the book as appealing to buy as possible without having to take off the actual story from the internet. That way those who can afford it will get the whole story and much more.

Please email me if you have any ideas for what else I should add to the book or if you have any questions about the book (such as what all will be inside, page number, what the cover looks like, where to buy the book). I'll be happy to answer anyones questions.

What can I say about myself? As far as being an author goes I am slowly workin my way up to be that absolute author. My role model for writing would definitely have to be Stephanie Meyer, hands down! Love her stuff.

Ummm... I have a puppy (Japanese Chin) named Riku (Yes, like the video game character from Kingdom Hearts). I tried playing that game once, but I keep getting mad cus I keep falling off the effin vine in the tarzan part of the story sigh Riku's Hott! (yeah thts right I'd said it. You know it!) And so is Edward Cullen. Gosh dang it, why isn't he real. (Bet that's what you ask yourself everyday, isn't it?)

I like to write mostly fact i dont think anything I have is not romance...maybe one or two stories. Also, most of my stories are fantasy. I am, however, creating a book this spring that is based on a rockstar. No fantasy there. Probably my first PUBLISHED (on story that isn't fantasy. Oh, and I always write fiction...except when I blog. But that's personal . lol

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Saeron's Temple (Romance/Fantasy)

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Secretly Your Number One Fan (Romance/Humor)

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Kairon's Refuge: The Sequel to Saeron's Temple (Romance/Fantasy)

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Chivalry Is Not Dead (Romance/Humor)

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Kitsune And Kirin (Romance/Fantasy)

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