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Hi!!!!!!! I guess is that what I am suppose to say here. As you can tell I am new. But I will bore you and tell you about me ^_^.

Age-I am not going to lie I am 12.

Name-Just call me Whitewolf

Location-Great Jersey Shore

Ok I love to write! I am obessed with anime. I love to read and draw and hang out with my girls. I want to be a writer so sites like this help me alot. I have been writng for...i don't honestly know for as long as I can remeber

Favorite Books-I love HARRY POTTER!!!! I think that is the best J.K Rowling is the best she is a talented woman. I like the Lord of the rings. I LOVE the movies. Pippin is my favortie I just love him!!! As you can tell I am a hyper person. '

Favorite Colors-Black, Blue, Blood Redand Silver ( I know they are dark colors)

umm that is all for now I hope you like my stories!!!!!!!