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"I hate being a fracture hearted girl, but I guess it's a night time gig only."- Me

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So this is my story:

As I said my name is Celine and I'm 18, although I'd rather you'd call me Claw, (because I just figured out it's a good nicname for me). All my nicnames, aside from Claw, are names of OC characters I have or planing to create. But anyway, I used to detest writing and reading in all forms but now that I'm older and wiser I've come to love the world of books and thoroughly enjoy being submerged in it. I became part of back in 2004. My pen name there is also Demoness of Evil At that time my writing was still very rough around the edges and was in desperate need of smoothing out.The summer before I started high school I wrote an 18 page Inuyasha oneshot entitled My Last Breath, (Which you can find on my fanfiction pen name) I'm pretty sure that was the turn around point in my writing style. From that point on I tried to make it feel as though you, the reader, were actually experiencing the pain, the love, the feelings that the characters themselves felt. I guess I'm getting better because my self-appointed Beta reader Ruby Rita said so herself, and she's a fantastic writer. I guess the point I'm trying to make is that I have fun writing what I do, and I hope you can enjoy it as well.

Now even more basic is the list of favorites and what not. Well I, as every other American watch TV, slightly addicted it's sad I know, but amoung my favorites of shows, these are the ones that shine; NCIS, Gilmore Girls, all CSI, Danny Phantom, Code Lyoko, Inuyasha, and American Idol. I do love AI, the reason being that one day I'd like to try out and see how far I could go. I'm a singer by trade, my voice is far better then my writing skills, which depending on how you like my writing is good or bad, I don't know. I really like jazz and rock genre music, although I don't judge music, it's amazing in all forms. But along those lines stems the favorites of bands, which include; Evanescence, Paramore and Eva Cassidy. Amy Lee is by far my favorite singer, no question. She has the most amazing vocals I've ever heard. You'd figure I'd go on and list every band I've ever heard but nope, those are my favorites even though I do listen to a vast variety of musicians.

If you haven't noticed I'm a manga/anime enthusiast and I have been for about 6 years now. Granted I knew about the Japanese animations when I was younger in the forms of Pokemon and such, but didn't know the actual term until 7th grade. I currently own around 400 manga, all a different series, some completed and some aren't. There's about 80 different series, and so if I can't remember a certain character from anything other then Inuyasha don't be offended. For the most part I can keep the story lines straight and if I feel confident, know how the characters would act and think, I might attempt to write a fanfiction on them. I guess my top favorites for manga/anime would have to be; Inuyasha, Rurouni Kenshin, The Demon Ororon, NANA, and W Juliet. Inuyasha is the first and most pro dominant of my fanfictions because over a 6 year span I've gotten to understand the characters very well and can confidently write something about them.

It's not just manga/anime that I read, I also read other "normal" books, I've read the Twlight series and enjoyed it greatly. The Modern Faeries Tales fascinate me as well, Holly Black did a great job exploring the world of the Fae in a way that I have come to love. My favorite author even over the great Stephanie Meyer, is Amelia Atwater-Rhodes who wrote the book In The Forests Of The Night when she was 13. In general I enjoy paranormal romance novels more then anything, but my favorite book above all the books I've ever read is True Blue, a tale about love, friendship and heartache. It was one of the first more emotionally mature books I read.

I also enjoy fanart, although I'm no artist I've tried my hand at it. I have an account on deviantart under the name of KTS18 which was an acronym I used when I was younger, and slightly emo. It stands for; Kill The Silence 18, my favorite number. I hope that you the readers are inspired by my stories that you then create fanart and hopefully send me the link to see it.

I'm just you're average 18 year-old who loves to be a non-conformist. I love singing and all music, I read a LOT, I spend a lot of time in front of the computer, I hang with good people, I'm just living life, what are you doing?


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Demoness of Evil

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