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Hey guys! Got my writing groove back and am currently working on a new story over on FP's sister site Fanfiction.net. Currently working on chapter eight of FFTI so don't worry about abandonment! I foresee FFTI coming to a close soon but who's to know what new mischief Christian might get up to? We'll just have to wait and see. :)


I know, I know. Why have I posted a new fic and have NOT updated FFTI? Simple! I errmm...uhh...yeah...well you see when life...!...Ok, it's obvious I don't have a reason good enough but I AM currently halfway through Chapter 6. I haven't really got writer's block, per se, just need a bit of motivation. I love writing about Jade and Christian's adventures and I'm making this grand promise that I WILL finish this story. But in the meantime, while updates are slow and seemingly non-existent, take a look at 'Meet Me Halfway'. A story inspired by listening to the very song sung by The Black Eyed Peas. It's a tale of unrequited love and the choices someone in such a dilemma may or may not make. It's short and guaranteed to be a pleasant read, if I do say so myself...I guess...(feeling doubtful all of a sudden). Anyway, check it out! :)


Hmm, four months sure have gone by pretty quickly! Anyway, just wanted to say that I'm sorry folks for not updating 'FFTI' for sometime. I'm not stuck with writer's block but with life and all its luggage over-crowding me. Also a touch of laziness as well. Aaand with the recent epidemic of plagiarizing, it's been a put off for me, especially when I was a victim of such. No, I'm not using that as an excuse to stay on my lazy butt and not write but it really is off-putting. I'm horrified at the thought that another plagiarizer might be lurking in the cyber-bushes, waiting to ambush 'FFTI'. And trust me, with the kind of effort I've invested in those first four chapters, it'll be a serious damper of the spirits to continue posting on FP if that should happen. Either way, I'm still alive and you'll see an update soon enough. Promises with specific dates are wont to be broken therefore saying 'soon' is the best way. -GRINS-

Take care folks!


So I've posted a new story entitled 'Fairytale for the Ignorant'. Basically an insanely twisted version of Little Red Riding Hood. I've tried posting it some years aback but I hadn't fully plotted it out so it fell flat like warm coke. Anywhat, a plot is fully formed now and I have great hopes for this story. I admit I'm not a speedy updater but I'm going to try pumping out as much and as fast and as good as I can. Eitherway, take a look, drop a line and I do hope you enjoy it!


...And more than a year later, I resurface to announce to you that I've re-posted Incestuous in a greatly abbreviated form. No, they no longer have their super-cool super-powers and they're more fully brother and sister than half-halves. It's short, it's sweet and definitely sexy, if I do say so myself. So, do enjoy!

Oh and I have designs and plans for a new fic but it's currently swirling around in my mind. We'll see where it leads to soon. Take care guys!


Good grief...this profile's in need of serious changes. Okay I'm gonna do this quick. Yeah as you've noticed I've taken down Incestuous. Why? Well I've read and re-read and re-re-read this story and come to the conclusion that it was going nowhere. I mean it was such a great idea at the beginning but it just lost its luster and there was (and still is) zero motivation to continue it. I'm so, so sorry you guys. I know you liked it but to be honest, clicking that delete button was one of the most painful thing I ever did. Maybe someday I'll sit down and form a more valid plot and post it up again.

Next, I NEED to get Jungle Girl finished up. It's only got like 3 to 4 more chapters remaining and you would definitely see an ending to this story.

So I'm also adding this, should you see another story just magically appear please don't send eye daggers at me. I mean, finals are attacking me with full force and I definitely need a break from this intensive studying I'm putting down. Ugh.

Well that's about it for now. See ya!

Okay, so this is the place where the readers go to know a little bit about the author. I mean, it won't be hard for me to say a little bit about myself, would it?

--twiddles thumbs and thinks hard--

Or maybe it is.

Right. Anywho, little facts about myself:

Sex: Female

Location: Fictionpress, I've realized, already announces where you are so I won't even bother with this one.

Hobbies: Reading (what a no-brainer), writing (Whew! Didn't see that one coming!), a bit of craftwork from time to time...

I Love:

My husband

My family



I Like:

The Simpsons



My cat



The beach

I Don't Like:


Big dogs


Being wrong

Being embarrassed (who does right?)


Predictable scenes and actions in books and movies

I Hate:



The bad habit of so many internet folks out there who, because of their security in anonymity, feel that they are suddenly entitled to be as unnecessarily rude, impolite and mean as possible.

Personal quote: "You know, I've heard of dry wit so does a wet wit exist?"

BTW have anyone noticed that there aren't much words beginning with the letters 'wu'?? Am I the only one?? I am?? It's just because I'm lame like that?? Oh ok...sigh...

Story Information:

Incestuous: One shot. It's college break and Jonathan and Rachel, siblings, can't stand each other's guts. But what happens when feelings and perspectives change? When wrong becomes right and right is left behind in favor of ignorance?

Status: Complete. One shot.

Jungle Girl: Dumped by her boyfriend, career on the rocks and fighting hard to get it back on the sea, Jasmine heads off to the Bahamas both for a vacation and as a way to get a good report for her boss. Nothing can go wrong now. Not even if the plane crashes. Nope.

(I have to admit, re-reading this story made me roll my eyes at the vast ignorance and mistakes in it. Major loopholes abound in this story but as the others said, it's still a cute story and a fun read. Yeah I probably could dust it off and tweak it and whatnot but I am admittedly lazy. Sigh.)

Status: Complete.

To Be Raped Or Not To Be: So your work's over for the night. You're young, you're beautiful and you're walking the streets alone. You hear footsteps behind you and you realize you're being stalked...so where the hell is your pepper-spray!

Status: Complete. One shot.

Condom Wrappers: So...how would you feel if your Mom found a condom wrapper in your room? And the worst part is: you're a girl. Uh oh.

Status: Complete. One shot.

There is also that little poem 'Under Her Skirt'. It's cute and funny.

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