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Hmmm... what to say, what to say? There's so much about me that I'm sure you all want to know... not. Well, I'm 17, I've been writing for four years, and I'm finally starting to find my niche. Almost all of my stories have a little romantic flare to them, and all of them have a person trying to find themselves in some way. So that's the writing thing... what else do you want to know?

School: 12th grade

Gender: Female... I would hope the pen-name implies it, but you never know...

Religion: You'll just have to wait and see

Physically: You don't want to know. It's scary. Shivers

Mentally: Bubba bubba bubba hoochie naly fren! (translation: I'm crazy, what else?)

Creativity: I write fiction. Plain and simple. I cross the genres, and I've got possibly twenty different projects at the moment. Ummm I like drawing, but I'm not very good at it. Singing, I love, and I'm working on my voice.

Other Interests: I like volleyball and reading and smiling and animals and forests and... oh, God, I sound preppy. Kill me now.

Real Other Interests: I do like the abovementioned things, but my life seems to focus on: music, writing, reading, magic, and late-night phone calls to help my friends get through their issues. I like black, skulls, pirates, kick-arse media, and random hyper stuff that lets my mind go on a crazy-kick. I should also mention that I'm obsessed with wolves. It's just one of my things.

Sense of Humor: I'd like to think so. Just kidding. Mostly dry and witty, but once in a while I go for the corny joke or half-arsed crack.

That's all I can think of. E-mail me if you feel like it... or not...and read my stuff! Please respond; I need all the help I can get.

PLEASE READ: To those of you who are faithful readers, this is for you. I'm taking down a lot of my stories, because I think they need work. Only those that I can honestly say are complete--they don't need me any more; they can stand on their own--will be staying, along with my newest projects. Unfortunately, my most well-off story, My Immortal, will not be on the site due to personal reasons. Please bear with me as I try to do something original. I've had the worst time writing lately, and I'm trying desperately to work through my block.

Author's Note: My newest adventure is a trilogy, currently only titled One, Two, and Three. I'll be posting the first chapter of One as soon as possible. Also, as I edit Mirroring Cassidy I will post those chapters. I'll try my best to keep up more with my writing, as I've been focusing on it more lately and this will help me keep on track. To anyone who reads--reviews keep me motivated! Make me feel good, and I'll write more! Please... I need to write more...

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