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Author has written 6 stories for Fantasy, Life, and General.

Name: Ashley

Age: 24

Nationality: British

Sex: Male

Prefered story format: Fantasy

Insperation: David Eddings, Terry Brooks, Final Fantasy and anime

Favourate auther: David and Leigh Eddings

Interests: Gameing, reading, writing and meeting new friends.

Hello to you all. I am Ashley, amature writer and hopefuly future novelist. I have enjoyed writing since I was young but concentrated mostly on things that didn't make much sense, even for children. Alot of what I wrote used to be based on things like games. I even began to write Final Fantasy 9 down in story format. None of which I ever completed or thought to make a name of my self with. It is only recently that that has changed. My dad lent me the Ellenium Trilogy by David Eddings that inspired me to write fantasy. I am currently writing my first novel length book which will remain classified till completion. As for what is here, short stories that I have started and never finished, though I plan to some day. I've tried to write sci-fi, thriller and horror but none of which have appealed to me and never been finished. As for fantasy, I am facinated by it and concentrate all my writing on the way of the sword, the age of magic and the world of beasts. Each of my stories now are always fantasy based but sometimes there will be other aspects in them. Below is a quick idea of each of my stories here at this point of time. To give you a better idea of which one you would like to read.

Late Bloomer: This was my first story posted here. It's a one shot and the only one that is completed. It is only one chapter and is about a young man, turned vampire, denying what he is. The insperation came to me when I was working at a factory and the main character is based on some one I used to work with.

Death Unclean: This is my first attempt at poetry. I'm not a poet in any way but I find writing poetry makes me feel better when I'm upset about something. It's about suicide which is how I was feeling when I wrote it. Though I am not suicidle in any way but sometimes I do get really depressed.

The Spirit Warrior: This is one I really enjoyed writing. It's set in a world where a Tyrant King seeks absalute control and a single man, the Spirit Warrior, fights to protect the people under his raign. Sill'Bain is a Moon Elf, enslaved by her Wraith Master who serves the King. She is forced to infiltrate the Spirit Warriors ranks and gain his trust. It's incomplete but I do want to finish it. I've only stoped it because it seemed it wasn't getting any interest here.

The Demon Samurai: The Maiden of the Midnight Hour: Inspired by two of my favourate anime shows, InuYasha and Ninja Scroll, as well as a Feudal Japanese based RP I am currently involved in. This is going to be the first part of a series that follows Kira, a Demon trained as a samurai, as he seeks for his honour. In The Maiden of the Mignight Hour, he finds himself pulled into a conflict as a Demon Faction known as the Iron Claw, seeks to uproot the peace that rules over the Lotus Nations so that they can rule over with their tyrany.

The Dead Within: Set in a fantasy world which is split between the dark ages and Victorian England, The Dead Within is about the dark powers of Necromancy rising in a small city. A Witch Hunter takes it upon himself to hunt down the unwelcomed visitor to the city and to purge his evil from the city. But the evil sorcerer is far more powerful the the Witch Hunter ever expects, and he is pulled into a dark conflict that may just very well claim his own life.

The Dead Within is currently my current project that I am working on.

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