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Hi my name's Glenn and I come from New Zealand.


How do I discribe myself. Wait a sec I better grab a mirror. Well my hair is brown and long, my eyes likewise are brown. I have a thin moustache and a thin strip of hair grows from under my bottom lip straight down to my chin. If you look closely you might spot a pox mark above my right eyebrow (I had chicken pox at 19). It is not an endearing quality to my face, but it is at least modest. Talking about my face - I exercise my features often. A lot people tell me that I look like Jim Carey (I'm not sure if this is a good thing.) Other people say that I look like Jesus and I tell them right back that I what to look like Jesus on the inside.

Dress Sense

I have the sense to dress. LOL... sorry. I often wear trousers or jeans, open shirt (either long or short sleeve) under which I wear tee-shirts. Very eighties, I know - but hey! To each their own.


78 KG, between 12 and 12 and a half stone.


Apparently my personality type isn't supposed to exist, but the last time I took a test (not that I live by lables) I turned out to be a Malencholy Sanguine (soooo am I suppose to be... a gray tigger, or a bouncing Eeyore?)


Read my stuff and it shall be revealed!

Goal Statement

Many would wish to get published - I on the other hand have had to switch my mindset to that I will get published. If I only wish it I may never get passed the slush piles
of Publishing Houses. I have submitted one work to America I will find out in March 2006 if they will accept it. How will I pass away the months!

In the meantime...

I love coming to sites like this one and throw
my stories into this wondrous sea of literature. I pray someone will
fish a few of them out and have a read.

In the Ocean of there are some stories there as well - take a boat and go fishing.

Reviewing and all that stuff!

I make it a priority to review at least three of my reviewers works. As we all do I love reviews and I like to give reviews as well, but if I see profanity I throw the story or poem back into the sea of literature.

Read well and write well too.

God Bless.


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