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The name is Sarah. I like to refer to myself as quite stupid, whether that be true or not.

is in itself an adventure. You are able to plot out an entire universe,
and alter it however you please. With this mere existance of words, you
can bring a reader into your own world, and let them experience
something you have created.

Reading, is another adventure. You
enter someone else's reality, and picture in your mind, a scene that
was envisioned by someone else, with your own viewpoints. For a while, you
leave your existance, and experience someone else's.

Thanks for visiting! =)

(July 04.05)Update: I'm going to post some of my old starter stories.. see if they're worth my contuing. Check them out and drop a review! Thanks!

(Sept 24.08) Wow! I haven't been on this thing in ages. I know, I have all these beginnings of stories... but I will continue them! Or at least try to...

I will dutifully edit every story and (try to) pick up where they left off!

Don't hate me! Please?

(Sept 25.08) Okay. I will officially try to clean up these stories. I will not slack off.

I also crave reviews. So pleaaaasee, preeettyy pleaseee, drop me some reviews.

Hugs & Kisses :)

Thoughts & Ideas (Sept 27.08)

(In order of updating)
(Please ignore my grammar issues in the following sentences. When I try to express myself, it comes out in very weird forms and ways that may be offending to English fanatics. Be warned.)

ASK (A Simple Kiss) : A crazy idea I had a while ago (3 or 4 years to be exact.. well almost exact) and that seems to be in demand though I can't really tell since people do not DEMAND IT ENOUGH TO REVIEW :( !! I will update this one as continuously as my brain spews out plot. It is a lighter story, a little fluffier, hopefully to make you feel fuzzy wuzzy.

SATF (Struggling Against The Flow) : It doesn't seem to be doing well :( . It is a one girl three guy story, and the lack of readers discourages me (hint hint). Joking It is a deeper story, with more issues and more conflicts then seeming resolutions. I will update this one because I personally like this one.

TAOS (The Art of Secrecy) : This needs to be completely re-written. I will tend to it as soon as I feel the urge to take on a lot of cringing and shaking head at myself. I had really liked this story, and it deserves the attention. DO NOT READ IT NOW, unless you want to shake your head and cringe with me.

MOFE (My Own Fairytale Ending) : I will be honest with you. I do not really remember the plot I had in mind for this story. I can make up one... but I will be nice to the other stories and stick with those first. :) I trust you are understanding.

CR (Cruel Reality) : It will be depressing. But it hasn't been written yet. So the depressions await the other happy(mostly) stories to be over with, then... it will strike!

WHEW, now that that's over with... Feel some love, and get reading :)

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A Simple Kiss reviews
She's the master guy player. He's the ultimate girl player. In a seemingly simple stand off, they try to out do each other's kisses. It's not possible for a player to fall in love with their game. But will a player fall in love with another player?
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Struggling Against the Flow reviews
Love did not exist. Her family was living proof. She had, foolishly, fell in love once... Yet he still haunts her, and there's a rich kid who thinks he knows better. Then there's the mafiaboy who just won't leave her alone. Rated M just in case
Fiction: Romance - Rated: M - English - Romance - Chapters: 2 - Words: 2,083 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 1 - Updated: 9/25/2008 - Published: 9/24/2008
The Art of Secrecy reviews
Dan. A girl's name? She's into arts, and she dresses like a guy, but the rest's a mystery. No one knows about her secret. Blake and Seth, most popular guys, and best friends, inseperable. Or are they? Lies, hidden secrets all kept in the crevice of mind.
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