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Anyone else feel like I should write again?

Seven Royal Sisters was my first ever long story. This story sprang out of an overheard comment that resembles the old poem by Longfellow "There was a little girl, / Who had a little curl, / Right in the middle of her forehead. / When she was good, / She was very good indeed, / But when she was bad she was horrid." The different princesses were originally supposed to represent the different levels of goodness that a girl or woman might be at. There were only seven because I came up with four levels, but there are always either three princesses or seven, so I added a few others. Then my favourite princesses needed romantic interests, so I came up with a few that seemed cool enough and a plot line to introduce them. Unfortunately my favourite princess became the princess I had set up as the most horrid, because I spent so much time trying to figure out why she was the way she was. I do not think I will ever finish this story.

Another Little Mermaid comes from the basic little mermaid story, of course, but I'm telling it my way. I started it because of a dream I had a couple of years ago. I don't remember much from that dream, but it was interesting. I took a long (like three years long) break from this story, but I still want to finish it. I reworked and posted my favourite chapter, which has been sitting around waiting for me to get to it. Eventually I will finish this story, because I love it and many of the characters, but I'm a little uncertain as to the how and when.

Until We Die is a story I started later than the other two... but it is even less likely to be updated even then my other stories. I'm afraid I've become a bit uncomfortable with my subject matter, and my mom doesn't like it much at all. Is it healthy to think that much about dieing? I've only really written the prologue, though I planned all seven chapters (each about a day) out. I know there was some interest in this story, and I'm rather interested in it myself, but I don't know if it will ever be finished and all posted.

At the moment I'm periodically working on a new story (and yes, I know that I've never finished a major story in the past, so I'm not planning on posting it, at least until I have it all completely planned and the first ten chapters written) but I may work on Another Little Mermaid as well.

I also write some attempts at poetry. What I have here is mostly stuff I don't much care for. I do like "Lunch Group" but I'm rather embarrassed about the others I have up here.

If you review you will make my day.

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