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Welcome to Captain Gastly's Insane Masquerade Disco Ball
Warning, there's arsenic in the punch.

"Step aside, Hatter. Let the real loonies do the talking."

Previously Known as Xeliara.

Congrats. You've managed to stumble in on the insane disco. Also known as my wonderful bio. You may call me The Mad Gastly, Captain Gastly, or simply Miranda. Apparently the last one is my real name. I'm totally a spring chicken (yeah, sure, I'm probably way older than a lot of you) and an (in)sane aspiring author living in some backwards village in England. I've been writing for a very long time (about 10 years? oh god, I'm old) and I'm sure I'll be writing until I reach my death bed since it's more of an obsession than a hobby. Other than all of that, I'm just a random person who constantly wears black with brightly coloured socks, purple is the best colour in the universe, I'm obsessed about the Silent Hill series and I love watching children's programs and Disney movies.

I also love Gastly from Pokémon. So much that I've considered legally changing my name to Gastly. Wouldn't that be epic? Okay, maybe it'd be dumb XD DAMN IT.

And now time for all of that boring "favourites" info that you don't need to waste precious minutes of your life reading!

Genres/Writing Info:

HORROR. I love horror. I love all kinds of horror: silly, psychological, supernatural, whatever. It's pretty much my favourite genre to read/write. Although I do like to jump into other genres, mostly fantasy, drama, romance and sci-fi. I cannot write comedy to save my life unfortunately D: WHY MEEE??

So...yeah. Don't be surprised if I write something light-hearted, and then show up later writing something dark. That's just what I do XD


Rock all the way, dudes. I love classic rock, from the 60s - 90s, although modern rock is cool too. I love classical music, opera, pop, jpop, jrock, techo, trance, goa-psy trance and a lot more. Apart from rap music. I don't like rap music.


TV: Supernatural, Merlin, Invader Zim, Cardcaptor Sakura, Family Guy, American Dad, Futurama, Sailor Moon. MOVIES: Constantine, Sick Nurses, Die Hard 1 - 3, Robin Hood, A Tale of Two Sisters, Rocky 1 - 5, Zoolander, Interview with the Vampire, DISNEY MOVIES, Corpse Bride, Nightmare Before Christmas, and a crapload more.


John Dies at the End - David Wong
Nightlife - Rob Thurman
Anything by H.P.Lovecraft
Empire In Black and Gold - Adrian Tchaikovsky
Graceling by Kristin Cashore
Carrie by Stephen King

Story Info:

Hopeless Without You

This story, unfortunately, is now on hiatus. I didn't plan it out enough when I first started it, and because I haven't written anything for it in such a long time I have lost my inspiration. I'm sorry to any of you who actually liked it and wanted to see more.

Thank you for attending the ball. You may now carry on dancing and put your masks back on. Don't kill each other.

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