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Hiya everyone! My name is Jamie, and I'm 14 in the eighth grade. I've been writing for as long as I can remember, and I lost my poetry book from seventh grade... Great... Oh well. Er. Now... I'm trying to think of something to say... What's there TO say? Well, I like most music, everything but rap, and I read almost anything fictional. I love fanstasy and sci-fi and all the good junk. _ I'll occasionally read some non-fiction, but it really doesn't have the same appeal as fiction. I mean, come on! There's nothing better than to read about vampires! _ I have a vampire fettish... Lol. LOVE Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles and I highly recommend them to everyone! Warning though, it has content meant for adult readers... Stuff that's NC-17. Just to warn you. I love it anyways.

While on the topics of warnings, I need to warn you that I have a REEEEEEEEALLY bad temper when it comes to flaming. Whether you've flamed me or you've flamed the work of someone I like, prepare for a total tongue lashing. Now, I don't mind constructive critism, but if you don't critize with hints to help, then I consider it flaming. Usually I don't blow up at anyone. I'm easy going, with some fire. And hyperness. Hyperness leads to random off topic things... *Remembering that fateful sleep over with the writings* Er... Right.

Fav authors (So far...):
RootbeerFloat: Best bud! *Hugs* Love your writing. Rock on!

Yorba Linda: You have a special talent, my friend. Love the writing!

ThyLaSlain: Vampire stories are the best. *Nods* Awesome work! Wow... I only have three fav authors. Heh. So yeah. Talk to you guys later then!

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