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January 11, 2017

Hello my lovely friends. So it's a new year, and I realized the other day with a sharp nab to my gut that I haven't written anything for Aeleisa in almost five months now. How does time go by so quickly?

Well, let's see. I can't recall what happened in September. I suspect I was being my usual self and still congratulating myself on writing something so recently, and so I didn't try to keep that momentum going. October was Halloween, which I recognize is at the end of the month but that's the excuse I'm running with. November was NaNo, which I won but I was spectacularly bad at keeping a handle on. When I say it was an all out sprint instead of a marathon for the finish line, I mean I had pooped and peed my pants, my legs were numb but also cramping, and I'd spilled the cup of water the volunteer handed me all over my face. When I crossed the finish line, instead of nobly stopping, catching my breath and then kissing my beautiful husband, I promptly ran into the table of celebratory beer and knocked that all over too, much to the consternation of the rest of the racers. Yeah, it was that bad. BUT I crossed! So that was an accomplishment. December is just a wash because it's Christmas and I get SO invested, friends, you have no idea. And now we're to January. I auditioned for a local community theater musical, Wizard of Oz, and not only made it, but was cast as Glinda! So I went from having nothing to do and little contact with the outside world to having rehearsal four times a week and forced mingling. With children. But I love musicals, and it's still pretty early so I'm relatively excited. I've also dedicated myself to a 31-day yoga practice called YOGA Revolution, with 'Yoga with Adriene'. I'm eleven days in and truly loving how it makes me feel. I feel flexible, strong, and fit, but more importantly, I feel connected, fulfilled, and truly at ease with my life. Husband thinks it's hokey, and that it's all in my head. But you know what? Even if it is... does it really matter? Isn't that sort of the point?? So anyway, I haven't been busy, but I've been... busy.

I've been re-reading Harry Potter and just finished that the other day, along with Cursed Child, which was... huh. I've also been slowly making my way through the Outlander series, which is wonderful but the books are huge so they're a real commitment. I'm on Voyager, which I'm already way more invested in than I was with Dragonfly in Amber. That was a slog.

Finally, my shows. I have a TON of shows that I watch. I think it's because I still have my imagination, it's healthy and strong, and I love to be swept into others' imaginations. It's easy for me to become invested.

I tell you all of this not to make excuses, but to explain why I haven't written. I say all of this because I think I'm ready to start into Aeleisa again. Her story still deserves to be told, and I'm still absolutely committed to her and her life. So never fret - even if it's ten years from now, you will get the last of Aeleisa's story. I do recognize that this is not ideal for reading a story, and for that, I am sorry. I also recognize this will probably result in a steady drop-off of readers. Unfortunately, I am like George R.R. Martin... not in my proficiency or skill in writing, that's laughable... but in the unfortunate but necessary amount of time it takes me to write. So I beg your forgiveness and your patience.

All that's left is to say Go Steelers and, more importantly, LET'S GO PENS.

Much love and comfort, friends.


Character Pronunciations:

Aeleisa Beaumont (Uh-LAY-suh Boh-monn)

Roane Deilliad (ROH-en Day-ILL-ee-add)

Maryn Gaellar (MARE-in GALE-yar)

Haemon Gaellar (HAY-men GALE-yar)

Caeleb Daevereux (CAY-leb DAY-ver-oh)

Sulqin el-Abuhl (Sool-KEEN el-Ah-BOOL)

Hayden Kael (HAY-din KAYL)

Quentin Orrin (KWEN-tin OAR-rin)

Laechlin Gerard (LAYK-lin ZHER-ard)

Yanisae Maetera (YAH-ni-sigh MAY-tur-ah)

Jaeda Daevereux (JAY-da DAY-ver-oh)

Adele Daevereux (Uh-DELL DAY-ver-oh)

Gisela Paytal (Jiz-ZELL-uh Pay-TALL)

Leina Talnor (Lay-EE-nuh TALL-nor)

Liyeli Qatan (Lee-YELL-ee Kuh-TAHN)

Hesedd el-Abuhl (HEH-Sedd el-Ah-BOOL)

Michaela Genyre (Mi-KAY-la ZHEN-eer)

Baelin Ruinem (BAY-len Roo-EE-nem)

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