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I decided my old bio was too long, so here's the new one!

I'm just a regular, psycho 16 year old Edmontonian girl who loves Hockey, Anime, RPGs, and WWE Wrestling. I write Slash (Male/Male) stuff, Hetro (Male/Female) And just about anything else I damn well feel like.

I've got two muses, one being Tommy Salo from the Edmonton Oilers, and Markus Naslund from the Vancouver Canucks. I also have an Angst muse, Skye Barton, but she has this tendency to die repeatedly to get out of work, so...yeah. If you dare go to my site, gaze in wonderment at the lameness! -_-; It's just an archive for my hockey fics and whatnot. Just to warn you.

Being currently obsessed with Yu-Gi-Oh! I have my own Yami ... (I have the MILLENNIUM PEN!) and she's going to be taking over at random points. Then again, if she doesn't want to work with me, it'll just be me. ^_^


Millennium Dark Be excited! Chapter 7 is up and expect another chapter to follow it soon if all goes according to plan. ^_^


Malik: *gets shoved in* ^&%$#! ... I'm not doing this.

Sasha: You have to.

Malik: Curses.

Sasha: Go ahead. NOW.

Malik: If you've got any ideas, email the onna or put the suggestion in the review. Then she'll get off her lazy ass and do something.

Sasha: You're so kind to me. *pinch*

Malik: Eh! *Swat*