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Ok. Not a CLUE what to put there, so I guess I'll just put whatever...

Name: Erm...I'll give you three guesses

Age: 14

Live: USA!

Erm...random facts: I have two dogs and a horse (whose name is bailey, which is why I'm Baileygirl).

I like thunderstorms. They're awesome.

Horses are my favorite animal. Like, MAJOR horse fan here, people.

I'm 5' 9"

I have brown eyes (which I hate) and...brownish blondish hair...

I like writing, but I'm terrible at it. At least, compared to all of YOU guys...

I have to sell me horse *sobs* She's too small...I'm very very sad

I love Relient K (the band)

My favorite hobbies are horse back riding, writing (obviously), swimming, reading (sometimes), getting cool odd colored pens, hanging out with my friends, grooming horses at this one plave (they paid me $20 dollars for BRUSHING A HORSE for ONE HOUR! I was in heaven!!), and other stuff that I can't really think of...

Well, MY dream guy has dark dark DARK brown hair, deep blue eyes, is tall, likes to talk. is funny, smiles a LOT, tolerates (maybe even LIKES) horses, and is very wealthy and likes to give me anything I want...THAT way I can have all those horses I dream of having!! Yay! (I'm semi-joking about the wealthy

Now the guy I likeRIGHT NOWis like that, except he doesn't have brown hair and I don't think he's too rich...yet. I'm SURE he'd tolerate horses...I think...

I can't concentrate on one story at a time, and I do better when I have awhile to think abotu it, so at this point I'm working on ten different books.

I just recently sold Bailey (as it says in all of my things I've written about her) and got a new horse; a giant chestnut thoroughbred. Ok, she's only 16h, but compared to my previous 14h!?!?

I'm just getting into writing short (very short) poems. It kinda satisfies my little craving for writing when I don't have time to sit down and work on my books. So, I'm not the best, but I enjoy it! That's what matters...right?

Sorry for rambling every single chance I get. Just ignore it. lol

I usually read/review for people who do the same for me. I like to just to see other peoples style. I'm too lazy to go look myself. So yeah. It's a win/win situation...

I'll work on which ever story everyone likes best the most:) So REVIEW!

Ok, forget the whole review thing, since no one does, anyways. Here's what I'm doing...


This story has really begun to interest has a little twist in it that I'm DIEING to get to (actually, I kinda sorta already got to it, I just haven't read it and re-read it and posted it yet), so this will be one of my main books I'm working on.

Elven Memories

I'm so close to being done with this one (in my notebook, at least)! So...I'm gonna have to continue : ) Hope you guys don't mind...hehehe.


Well, let's just say this one has begun to BORE me DEEPLY. I have a lot of it typed on the computer, so I'll continue until that runs out, but then we'll give it a rest until it starts to look interesting again...


Well, this one I started to do for a "short story" then was replaced by a DIFFERENT book (which may end up here sooner or later), so I never really had an idea for it. So...we'll let it be for the time being, or until I get an idea about what hould happen while he's getting ready for the big race...

And that's all the books YOU guys know's some of my other books I'm debating on putting up:

Unicorn Horse

Diamond has been passed from family to family, the home either being terrible, or too good to be true and he get's sold for some reason or other, until he finally lands in the hands of a lesson giver. No one likes to ride Diamond, and the horses all despise him. One day His owner, Mr. Dirst, takes him out on a trail ride where Diamond sees a unicorn off in the brush.Tje unicorncalls to him, beckoning him to follow, but Mr. Dirst keeps him from following, apparently oblivious to the presence of the mysticle creature. After that, Diamond is always looking for another Unicorn, and hoping that he will be taken away by one of them.

So yeah. I CAN'T write summaries, but that's as good as it gets. I wrote that off the top of my head, so sorry for any spelling erros or the like.


Princess Claire is a nasty little girl. She flirts with any boy, no matter what their station is. But there are few she truely likes, although all adore her. Except for one boy. Dodger is a servant in the King's household, and despises the princess and her admirerers who follow her everywhere. He avoids her as much as possible. He wants NOTHING to do with her. Guess who falls in love with him?

Wow...that one was even worse. Anyways, that one seems ME. SO e-mail me and tell me what you think!

Do not Despair

Scarlet's parents suddenly vanished one night when she was spending the night a friend's house. There is blood everywhere, but no sign of the bodies. She is astonished to hear that it's possible that Raynix hunters, in search for the creature's wings, had targeted her family. How will she survive?

Ok, I haven't written much in that one, so I REALLY don't know what's going on...that's why the last line is so...blah. Do you like ANY of them so far?? (hint hint)


Frost is a unicorn. He has a pure white body, main and tail, except for blue legs, ears, and muzzle (also known as "points" which is what they will be called in the book). He is a nice little foal until one day, his best freind Sage is killed in an accident (I can hear you all thinking it; how can a unicorn die? Can't they heal themselves? There's a reason she can't be healed...). After that he is a mean and hateful, and finally disspears one night and is forever known as the "Rouge Unicorn." Will Frost EVER be able to overcome his hate and join the herd again????

*groan* No comment. But if you likew the sound of THAT book, don't heistate to, you know, let me know ; )

Done Deal

Kent and Brad gave this guy a phony trading piece. What will happen now?

Hee hee THAT sounded terrible. Anyways, I'm REALLY not sure about this one. I did post the first chapter, just to see what you all thought, but unless I get at least a few people who like it, I DOUBT it will go in my "working on" yea. Read it and review it. Especially if you like it. Otherwise you will forver be tormented, not knowing what happens! MUAHAHAHAHAHA! Ok...sorry *smiles sheepishly*

And that's really it. If you have any ideas/suggestions/comments, E-M-A-I-L M-E!!! Or, if you don't like ANY of my ideas, you can e-mail me and let me know to think of something else. OR I could just look at my list of things to write about. Last I checked I had 30 some-odd. SO yeah. Plenty of reasons for you to e-mail me and tell me what you think, right?? My address is right up there^^ *points* SO yeah..I shoudl leave you alone know...I congratulate you if you made it through my whol profile! It is very long and pointless...but you made it! *hands you some cookies* Enjoy:)

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