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sept.16/06: hello there folks. so i have not updated in what feels like years: because of the lack of reviews, i was gutted and turned off of fictionpress. from submitting i was turned off, but i always come and read stuff, cuz its great to read fresh, unpublished, great work. BUT now im coming back, with some new writing. well not new. ive written this stuff before but now im posting. i recommend them all. TWO MEN for a funny read, trust me you'll be laughing, THE PROBLEM for laughs and interest, it was a huge turn for me and something i want to write an extensive version of, like maybe an actual novel. and lastly IT RAINS ON ME for something strong and sad but still bittersweet and cool: its relatable and it touches. or so ive been told, lol. school is taking my spare time but im definitely gonna come out with some new stuff soon. :)

age: 18

place: toronto

i love to write, it's how i express myself, which is necessary because i'm a very quiet person (until you get to know me, lol). i love to read, i divide my time for both things. its been hard for me to find something good to read, until i made a booklist (recommended), and came out of my reader's block. i like drama, sadness, tragedy, revenge, love, hate, etc. i love reading heartbreak, death, trauma, etc, i think they're all so beautiful, but the most depressing and severe emotions and situations. i love movies (johnny depp & james dean...sigh) & tv. i also live off music. i'm actually currently working on a 'novel', lol, i feel weird saying that, but it's hard because school takes up a lot of my time. BUT its going well... :D

music: my chemical romance, maroon 5, keane, green day, kalan porter, justin timberlake, cat power, nsync (rock & roll!!), backstreet boys, sum 41, eminem, the killers, franz ferdinand, jet, death cab for cutie, christina aguilera, no doubt, tyler hilton, good charlotte, gavin degraw, maroon 5, jimmy eat world, jason mraz, low millions, lifehouse, micheal jackson, josh groban, nickelback, ryan cabrera, the calling, the bravery, three days grace, train, usher, ashlee simpson, sarah slean, switchfoot, savage garden/darren hayes, imogen heap, emily haines, beck, the dead 60's, hot hot heat, muse, britney spears, james blunt, the libertines, babyshambles, pete doherty, the arctic monkeys, pink, anna nalick, cake, frank sinatra (don't you love how i popped him in there?), rob thomas, rufus wainwright, remy zero, theory of a deadman, the strokes, the all-american rejects, coldplay, dido, five for fighting, butch walker, cary brothers, chantal kreviazuk, our lady peace, dashboard confessional, evanescence, jesse mccartney, nick lachey, matt dusk, plain white t's (hey there delilah), snow patrol (check out eyes open: too good), the marble index, tomi swick, lily allen (highly recommended, she rocks!).

movies: toy story, the client, spiderman 1&2, the shining (original-jack nicholson still freaks me out, and the remake), johnny depp movies (edward scissorhands, charlie and the chocolate factory, etc.), red-eye, proof, the bourne series.

tv: smallville, gilmore girls, house, lost, next top model, er, the oc, the apprentice, reba, living with fran, grey's anatomy, jack and bobby (R.I.P.), and of course prison break.

books: shopgirl (SO awesome), mystic river, awake and dreaming, charlie and the chocolate factory (very cool), fight club, running with scissors, the lottery, harry potter series (most of all #3 and 4).

authors: roald dahl, chuck palahniuk augusten burroughs, edward gorey, steve martin.

artists: edward gorey, gerard way.

fan of: johnny depp, kalan porter, justin timberlake, cillian murphy, hayden christensen, elijah wood, gerard way, james dean, marylin monroe, shia labeouf, pete doherty. and the newly added: lou pucci!

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A poem I wrote for my anthro class. It's the standard I Am Poem format, but with a pretty cool result, I think. It's a little something about me.
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