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OMG, everyone have a heart attack .. as of the 12th of January 2007, I (Ais) have actually checked our fictionpress account .. how long has it been?? I also ahem deleted some of my more awful/embarrassing/emo/pathetic poems, WHY did I submit them onto the INTERNET? WHY?

Anyway, to let you guys know how we are going:

Both suffering sort-of lack of inspiration coupled with the show season starting, more horses and school! (2007= Ais's first year of exams!!!) BUT - DEEP down, ideas are generating and we are still working on Supastar and One Summer.

ONE DAY, we will be published authors (and the best eventer (Ais) & dressage rider (Aden) in the world!! So - watch out!

PS - even though we have a new baby, decided not to change the pen name to VinnyRoxyFrankieRicky - that's just ridiculous!!

Hi to all our loyal fans (if there are any ..) just a short note to tell you how we are going as of the 10th of December:

We are not really posting on ficpress or fanfic at the moment, rather focussing on writing and editing our own stories. We may post on here to get some sort of feedback when we are finished.

Look out for "Supastar" and "One Summer" - by us - hitting a bookstore near you soon! (we hope.)

QUOTE OF THE WEEK!! (Okay, of the year - we can't remember to change it!)

Aden lifts up her hand, violently and suddenly.

Ais flinches and cries out, hiding head in hands.

Aden: (grinning evilly) "I love it how people always flinch when I do that .."

CHARACTER OF THE WEEK!! (Ditto for above!)

Name - Supastar

Story - Supastar

You actually care enough to read our profile page? Anyway, we are (theme music plays) VINNYROXYFRANKIE! WE ROCCKKKK!

In case you think this is a weird name - it is the names of all our horses!

Vinny and Roxy are Aden's.

Frankie is Aislinn's.

They are all very cute!

Aden - also answers to 'The other half', and pretty much anything that gets called out by other people, eg. "Hey, Alice", "Hey, Laura!", "Hey, Zara!", and, occasionally, "Hey, Stupid!"

I am THE dressage queen. Oh yes.

What can I say? I have an annoying tendency to bite people, (Aislinn started it!) and I often pretend to be a rabid dog OR werechicken/rooster/thing...DON'T ASK! (Aislinn made it up!) I like to write and draw and sing and dance and say many, many sarcastic things and...and spin in circles and look at the sky! WHOOOOO!


Aden's Faves:

Band: Linkin Park, Yellowcard, Greenday, Simple Plan

Singer: Rob Thomas, Jesse McCartney, Eminem

Book: Dark Horses, Maximum Ride; the angel experiment, Tamora Pierce Series

Song: Mockingbird, Ever the Same

Animal: Horse

Movie: Spirit, Stallion of the Cimmarron

Aislinn: Well I answer to "The other OTHER half", "Hey, stupid!", "Stumpy" (gee, thanks Anza!!) and many more.

Aden has officially given up on EVER trying to turn me into a dressage queen. Aden IS a dressage queen. I rode in my first One Day Event a week ago and have now OFFICIALLY turned into a cross country and games hoon. Yes, I am a hoon - I join the ranks of Avril, Chris, Olivia and Anna!

I have a fun tendency to try and type on the keyboard when Aden is trying to type (she just bit me cuz I did that!) I also bite people, much more savagely then Aden may I add! Hehe! I love my pony. I tie him up long in the float so he can look out the window. I had a mental breakdown when I forgot to pick out his feet.

But now I'm OKAY!

Aislinn's Faves:

Music: Linkin Park, FOB, can't think of anything else .. Spirit Soundtrack, POTC soundtrack

Song: Hands Held High - Linkin Park

Animal: Horse

Book: Have You Seen the Rabbit? by Richard Ellis, Stravaganza Series by Mary Hoffman, Wicca/Sweep series by Cate Tiernan, Noughts and Crosses series by Malorie Blackman, Secret Sacrament by Sheryl Jordan, Further BackThan Zero by Fleur Beale, Seeker and The Wind Singer Trilogy by William Nicholson, Most Stuff by Tamora Pierce (no that's NOT a book, you losers)

Movie: Spirit, POTC


Ais: "I wonder if dressage horses ever get bored and want to do jumping instead ..."

Aden: "Well, we can't really ASK them can we?? They're horses .. we're humans .. they start with the same letter but they're NOT the same, you see .."

Ais: "Oh, Aden .. VERY philosophical .. I need to pluck my eyebrows .."

(Now I don't know if any of you guys actually will think THAT is funny .. but it was hilariously random at the time and we laughed for HOURS .. Yesh. AHem. shuts up and walks off, embarrassed)

"You say Oliver James one more time and I will hurt you!" - Avril

"You look at posters of Jesse McCartney one more time and I will slap you!" - Aislinn

"Aden - you say the name Chris/Pony/Hunky one more time and we will BOTH hit you!!" - Aislinn and Avril

"Why can't they just review instead of just reading it? It makes me want to bite them!" - Aden

(Aislinn andAden are laughing and screaming at something on the computer. Michael is trying to watch I R Baboon or whatever it's called).

"You know, Aislinn andAden - I have the TV on the loudest setting - AND I STILL CAN'T HEAR IT!" - Michael.

"We're kiwis, we don't care about fireants! OUCH, the fireant bit me!" - Aislinn's mum

"And the sky is dun/black/chestnut..." - Stephen - Its not, and you know it!

"Do you know why Stephen hates Roxy so much?"


"Because he wants to make it into his own brand and call it skanky!" - Pony Club campers

"You guys went go-cart racing? Girls go-cart racing. Humph, as if. Want to trade your ponies in for some go-carts?" - Stephen (We luv ya, Stephen, but sometimes you're a bit much...)

Aden- "Aislinn, this soaps smells funny, and it's bright green."

Aislinn- "That's because it's Pinetarsol, Aden. (Laughing) (And still laughing, two weeks later! HEHE! Wondering why she washed her hands? Cuz I BIT her, that's why! She was annoying me ... what's a girl to do!)

Aden- "Oh...But it says soap alternative..."

You won't get this next quote unless you've seen Johnny English. Muscle relaxant scene!

Aislinn: I'm schline. And I'm in SCHLARGE!

Aden: No, I'm in schlarge!

Ten minutes later:

Aislinn: I'm in SCHLARGE!

Aden: Nmgharrr.

Aislinn: I'm in SCHLARGE!

Aden: Nmgharr.

Aislinn: I'm in SCHLARGE!

Aden: whatEVER!

(it was 11pm and we'd just gone to bed. hehe - she was tired. And I wore her down! I'M IN SCHLARGE!)

Story Situations


Discontinued - sorry.

A Life Forgotten by Aislinn


The Random Insanity of Amy and Pippa

Ummm...well, we're really just too lazy and too busy to continue writing this story - maybe later?

Supastar by Aden

Supastar is down for a MASSIVE vevamp while I add chapters and flesh out/edit what I already have. I was reading through the first few chapters, and was amazed by all the spelling errors even there despite myself - I also need to swap around some P.O.Vs. It's down because it will take a while to fix up, and I'm a busy girl at the moment - so my main reviewers, darker skys (who, note, rocks my world for reviewing every chapter!), will just have to wait for a bit. Yay. But it will be a better story for all the editing!

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