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Kk, i was bored, so i've decided to change this profile thingy again... when i find my life, i'll let you guys know :P

I write digimon fics, i did want to write originals but i didn't get too many reviews and as i live on the things, (reviews that is) i changed them into digimon...

People's I reccomend here:

Lady Espelle
Anime Queen
Dark Fox
Lilac Kamiya
and then there's a load more on my favourites list that are definitely worth more than one look!

A little about me? Well everyone seems to have something about themselves... *thinks*... Well i've made some of my best friends here, although they all live hundreds or thousands of miles away... -_-'
I love digimon (obviously :P)I don't mind other animes but they don't seem to show them in England much.
And that's all i'm telling you, i like to be mysterious... @_@
Kk, read my fics and review them pretty please!!
Luv, White Lily