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My friends and I have created a new story called Love and Perplexity. It's a great story that doesn't have just love in it but also there are fight scenes, acting, humor, etc. We will update this story often and it would be great if you guys could R&R it. If you wish to look at it, please feel free to go to Three Girls Same Ambition.

Hi I am Cisca Ironflame (you may recognize the last name). My friends and I make a series of stories surrounding teenage girls in the medevil times. These girls are called the Dragon Raiders. My character is Cisca Ironflame and the reason why you may recognize the last name is because my character's sister is Alabrith Ironflame.

My character is more like a side character in my friends' stories but I decided to write about how she came to Dragon Raiders, how she got to be who she was, and why her sister doesn't want to be with should also read these people's stories if you enjoyed mine:Alabrith Ironflame, Kiea Evergreen, Calypso Silverhawk, Geminyte, and Lomadia Runelight.

I would like to thank the following people for taking time and reviewing my story and poems:

:theditzywriter:Alabrith Ironflame:Calypso Silverhawk:demiXgod:Geminyte:Deer-foot:ATMachine:Rune Ocarina:FireDragonBL:Drummer101:Kiea Evergreen:His Mercy's Waiting:DragonlanceElidorLotRLegolas:silentescape:Pretty Elf*

Please read and review my stories (I like it when people review them).

Also I am beginning to place poems on here as well. Please read and review those too.

Thanks for your continued support (even though I can be slow at updating) :)

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