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Thanks to everyone who's reviewed my story, Fracture! It was meant to be a story just for myself, but my friends wanted to read it...so I put it here. This is just for fun and I love being able to play with these two characters of mine. Thanks SO much everyone! And I'll do my best to update ASAP.

Feel free to bother/annoy/pester/give me ideas! I love everyone and am always up to making new friends.

About Me: I'm a 20 year old gal from Indiana. My family consists of my mom, brother (16), sister (13), stepdad and every other weekend and half the holidays, my stepsisters (13, 7 and 3 years old!). Yes, the house is insane and almost always busy!

Living with us are our six dogs - two dachshunds, an ACD mix, a chihuahua, a redbone and an Aussie - and the puppy we're fostering for a friend, as well as five cats, a cockatiel, and two fish tanks! I own 2 of the 7 dogs, and one of the cats. Lily, Tash and Pandora are my babies

I'm creative and have always loved stories. When I was in 3rd grade, a friend and I started writing a story together. It sucked, of course, and I don't know where it went, but it started me on writing! I wrote my first two novels at 13 or so on Word Pad.

I can't count the amount of stories I've started or plotted...but never finished. I wrote a YA fantasy in 2004, followed directly by a 50k YA fantasy (WolfSong) in 2005, which was written in 2 months. I'm pleased to announce that it's been edited and ready for reading! I won NaNoWriMo 2006 with a novel that I just barely hit 50k with. It's not readable. XD Afterglow was my feeble 2007 NaNo attempt. I failed, but ended up cheering on a friend (whose finished novel -rocks- btw!). I started on Fracture in December 2007, which is on hiatus but is completely plotted out. Puppy Love is what I wrote for NaNo 2008. My sister says she'll kill me if I don't finish it. Stone Wolf is my newest WIP. Having not finished anything since 2005, I'm determined!

Feel free to push me, prod me, poke me. Toss me ideas you want to see. Chances are, if they're fantasy, I'll end up writing them!

+WolfSong: 50k words. Final draft, final edit. 15/15 chapters complete. YA 13+ Fantasy
+Fracture: 18k words. First draft, fully plotted. Current WIP. 8 chapters complete. YA 17+ Urban Fantasy/Yaoi
+Afterglow: 12k words. First draft, WIP. 4 chapters complete. YA 17+ Urban Fantasy/Romance

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Peace to everyone - kodi

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