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Last Updated: May 25th, 2010

About the Author

Real Name: Jay

Gender: Dude

Residence: Sacramento, California

All other information I decided to take down until I get closer to updating again. That way it is, well, updated...

Other Questions: Just ask me through Private Message, by clicking here.


The Elements - in progress

Granted - in progress

The Untitled Project - in progress

Anter's News

May 25th, 2010- Damn, there was a quick 2 1/2 months between journal entries. It really feels like months are beginning to go by as quickly as weeks are, honestly. Huh.

So, just to prove I am NOT dead, here is your update to insure I am still working on them stories. Not quickly (college continues absorb my life) but steadily. Elements, Granted, and Untitled Project are all in progress, while in the meantime, I have two other stories being worked on for class projects, and a third working on for a potential animation project. As you can see, quite busy.

Just thought I would do a brief update there. More detailed updates can be found via my homepage at the top of my profile. Thanks, and catch ya around!


March 2nd, 2010- It’s pretty amazin' how fast February went by, huh? I had every intention of updatin’ my journal mid-way through February, but before I knew it, it was March already. Pretty crazy how 2010 continues to travel by in the blink of an eye. So, February proved to be rather productive. I didn’t get as much as I could have gotten done, but I feel pretty accomplished regardless. But with a month long Spring Break starting in a week, I am hopin' I can knock a lot more of all these writings out.

Elements continues to flow smoothly, although I have been tryin' to focus a little more heavily on other projects. Another full chapter has been completed however, so it is steadily movin' along.

Granted has actually received a lot of my attention lately, as I have completed two full chapters within the last month. I am really happy with how this one is turnin' out so far.

The Untitled Project is gettin' a few kinks worked out in it still (which is natural for any brand new idea/story though.) Not much has actually been written for it, but a lot of brainstormin' and plannin' and things along that line.

So, in other news, I have recently been in the process of changin' to a more focused and private institute for college, which is both good and bad in these aspects. Good: It is a very focused school that is actually meant to boost your abilities as a writer and present your characters and story in a very profesional manner, which is pretty much exactly what I want, and will make my stories probably 10 times better since I'll be gettin' very specalized help in creating them all. Bad: Time consumin'. 16 units per quarter with each class bein' roughly 4 hours long, not to mention homework, regular work, my firefighter trainin', then also wantin' to have some sort of life outside of school, work, and the internet means a dramatic cut in the time I'll be able to spend on my writing. So, all in all, I think it is a worthy tradeoff, as while the stories will take forever and a day more to actually ever get out, they will be fine tuned, polished, and written so much better due to the fact I will be goin' to school in part to learn how to write! We'll see how things turn out.

Well, until the next update, I’ll catch ya around!


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