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5 December, 2007

It's a holly, jolly, Christmas, it's the best time of the year...

Hey all who may be reading this. Wow, it's been some time. more than a year, by the looks of things. Well folks, I've got some good news for you all. After my 20-month hiatus from writing in my extensively psychotic little universe, The Setting Sun, I'm back for more. Yes, that's right. This Christmas, you all can expect to see some good things happening - namely, a beginning! I've decided to start my rewrite in chronological order, which means that I'll be beginning Michael Richards' saga in the not so distant year of 2047 in the town of Durham, North Carolina. I've already written a sort of teaser chapter, which will be thrown up onto the site in the next few days. Bear with me for these first two weeks though, as I am in the process of finishing exams for the semester. Whoo hoo! I'll be home on the 15th, and after spending some much needed time with my family, my dog, and my Mass Effect (not necessarily in that order), you'll all be getting your treat. Believe me, I'm excited to begin this again. I hope you all are drooling as much as I am, because the reimagined world of the mid 21st Century is going to be an incredibly detailed, awe inspiring, and frightening place.

Shout outs to Gilan Salehi, Arkash (formerly Alaneer), Extrenm54, Skyrunner, and many others. If you all are still out there, and still check up on my page, let me know - how goes it? It's good to be back.

27 November, 2006

In light of recent events going on in my life, which I won't get in to, I have been unable to get any additional story work done. I have done a lot of work involving character notes, timelines, and general background info for the re-imagination of the entire work, and will post a finished timeline once I've transferred it from paper to my computer. I know there are at least a couple people who are still interested in this story, and who would like to see this work reach fruitition, and to them, I apologize for having taken so long in working on this story. I'm going to try to put up either the timeline or a part of the old version's Chapter 8 on the one year anniversary of not posting anything, but again, no promises. School work and college applications come first.

I haven't lost steam on this story - I think about it every day, and am constantly jotting down ideas as they come to me. This hiatus has been a good thing for me, as it has allowed me to slow-cook my ideas and to get them into a nice cohesive storyline. Thanks again for your patience, and I hope to continue having your support.


24 April, 2006

HIATUS. I never thought it would come to this, but with the incredible amount of work I have to get done between now and early June, I cannot find the time to even think about Chapter 8 of Bratislava, Chapter 2 of Synopsis: The Setting Sun, or Chapter 1 of Dawn of War. I want to finish this story. I have to get my thoughts on paper. This story will be resurrected, if not until the summer, when I can focus on it with my undivided attention. I will be revising what I do have written, and will rework the entire story from the ground up. This major endeavor is not one I can begin at the moment, and it is likely that I will not have internet access over the summer, restricting me to my laptop until sometime mid-August. However, when that time finally comes, expect a hefty (30,000+ words) advance on my lax time. Please check back, don't forget what you have read. It only gets better.

I will return here every couple of weeks or so to continue reading the stories of my fellow writers. Your continued excellence has only inspired me to advance my skill. They are: Extrenm54, Jave Harron, Alaneer, Skyrunner. Keep up your great work. Do not forget me. I will be back, and with a vengeance at that.


30 March, 2006:

Just a quick explanation...

Knox and Richards, along with the majority of the soldiers in both stories, wear a hydraulically assisted 'Power Armor' suit. the bulky chest and backpack cavities provide space for small batteries that are charged by exposing themselves to the nuclear radiation. They in turn power the small hydraulic systems, doubling the strength of the occupant (hydraulic systems are fairly limited in movement, only helping legs and upper arms - more intricate systems are only found on officers). protecting these gears and electronic parts is a one-inch layer of a synthetic rubber infused with lead strands to block out all but the most powerful radiation. atop this are 10mm titanium armored plates, which in many cases have screw holes in them, allowing prefabricated blocks of an ultra-light, porous type of concrete to be screwed on to the outside of the armor, thus creating a easily replaceable (and incredibly cheap) form of mass-reactive armor, stopping hollow-tip rounds and regular slugs in their tracks, while slowing most armor defeating rounds enough to have little or no effect upon the titanium plates beneath.

16 March 2006: Ok, so here's what's been happening...

My computer crashed, along with pages and pages of character notes, tech synopses, and unposted chapters. The material on Fictionpress is not my major concern, its the 10,000 words of support work that bugs me the most.

I have been somewhat upset (as you can probably imagine) by all of this, and have been spending the past week working with some tech support guys downtown to help me rectify this problem. I should be back online and in full burn by the weekend, but I won't be able to post 8 until the end of the month some time.

Sorry for all of the delays and confusion, I've really been wanting to get back on track with Bratislava, so I can start working on the prequel. That is one of a few goals I've set for the summer: finish the prequel, get a decent summer job, and make sure I sleep at least 5 hours a night (haha).

Time for me to go. Thanks to everyone who still continuously reviews - I'm not dead yet, and I'll be back soon!


28 August, 2005

Now that "The Setting Sun" is done, check out the sequel, "Bratislava." These two
will be the first in a series offive short stories that I will eventually compile.

It has been decided. After thoroughly debating the topic with myself, I've come to the conclusion that I need to shed some light on events prior to the war, both for Richards and Knox. I will, upon completion of 'Bratislava', will begin the prequel to the pair. It will cover all events that occur up to one yearprior to the war. Its title will remain unkown until publication. It will then have a sequel/continuation that will cover the three years of combat actions carried out by Richards and Knox in their own platoons, and will likely have to be broken up into three substories, one for each year. It will end only days before 'The Setting Sun' starts. After completion of those two, I will finally begin the final short story of the five. It will take place in 2024, one year after the war's end. It will primarily deal with...well, I can't tell you that. I don't want to give anything away. Enjoy!

I'm going to post a chapter at the end of Bratislava with a synopsis of all the technology and equipment used in the two stories.

If you want to know what kind of armor/materials the men wear, email me and I'll send you a line of code that can be put into a program at a given URL. It works well, and Its free (HeroMachine2)

Corpsman_of_Krieg, out...

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