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GAH!!! You found me. HOW THE HECK DID YOU FIND ME?!?!? I covered my trail. I wore a disguise. I'm innocent. THE HOMICIDAL CHEESECAKE FRAMED ME!!!!

Oh, you're not the police? Never mind all that nonsense.

I am, Roaine the Great! *slides and spreads out arms* Please, no flash photography. About meh. You may refer to me as Master, Roaine, Roaine the Great, The Goddess of the Eternal Flame, or Pyro. I am an insane author with insane friends and an insane way of looking at life. So there. I am also the Slayer of Homicidal Cheesecake. What? It killed my stepcousin's brother's girlfriend's babysitter's chihuahhuah's groomer. Yeah, absolutely no relation to me whatsoever, yet I devoted my life to eradicating it from the face of the earth.

Likes Crabs
Teen Titans. I am a Raven lunatic...get it?
Avatar the Last Airbender (Yeah, well same to you, bucko!)
Zatch Bell
My red and black poncho
Watership Down and the Bartimaeus Trilogy
Fanfiction(see if you can find me there)
My guitar(Even better!)
Writing rock lyrics
ROCK MUSIC! (Nirvana, Good Charlotte, Green Day, a little REM. I recently discovered that I love Linkin Park, Staind, The Killers, System of a Down, and Seether. ROCK ON DUDES!)
Being weird
Melting cheese in candles
Sculpey clay!
People who have so much personality that they deserve to have their own TV shows
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Hilarious British people
Star Wars (Passerby lets out a cough that sounds oddly like, "Obsessed!")
People who KICK BUTT! (Padme, Cloud from Kingdom Hearts, to name a few.)

Dislikes(No offense) Terra from Teen Titans
People who conform
Music which has no point
Tennis. I stink!
Yeah...that's all I can think of
Oh yeah! And socks that get holes in them
People who lack a personality
Broken computers
People who tell lies in order to make you like them
I don't dislike them, but the Bright and Shiney people from Bubble Boy scare me. Back, Loraine and Todd, back!

Quote of the Day

"They could have made it a circle, or a square, or even a nice little triangle. But no. IT COMES OUT LOOKIN LIKE SWISS CHEESE!"~me, on the map of the Aztec empire I had to do twice

"Sometimes I feel like the special surprise inside...I'M SURROUNDED BY FRUITLOOPS!"~more random wit

"For a while, I was looking for myself. Turns out I was on the couch watching TV andplaying with candles all along!"~meh

"I look out the window and I see a squirrel beating up a clown, and I say, 'May the bird of up your nose.'"~my good amie Whitey, when she wrote her famous "Bird of Paradise" song

"Sit around and watch the phone but no one's callin'. Call me pathetic, call me what you will."~ Green Day, Welcome to Paradise XD

"Security? We have a couple of basket cases here who recently attempted a kidnapping of one of our voice actors."
"That'd be us."~ my random insanity

"Don't just stand there like a monkey, help me out!"~Me to Master Mono during an epic battle

"Not if anything to say about it I have."~yup, that was Yoda in Revenge of the Sith

"So this is how the Republic ends, to the cheers of a thousand."~Padme in RotS, you just gotta love the depressing yet inspiring moments!

"Alright. I'll distract Hayden, you get the squirrels."~me to Whitey after talking to my conscience about the random plot we came up with

"So if she weighs the same as a duck, then she's made of wood, and is therefore a WITCH!"~Monty Python and the Holy Grail

"When danger reared its ugly head, he bravely turned his tail and fled..."~also from Monty Python, a quote from Sir Robin's minstrel

"Oh, sure, you're doing a great job."
"I'll have you know that Cloud and Dumbo the Flying Elephant are kicking butt as we speak!"~me to the real-life Mai during a game of Kingdom Hearts

Now, I have something new: A CONTEST!!! What, we can't have contests on our profiles? Bah, who needs you! Anyway, it's not an actual formal contest. It's called Find Me On Fanfiction! Go to fanfiction. net and see if you can figure out my pen name. Remember, I'm insane, so think like a crazy person. If you find me review one of my fictionpress stories with the pen name and I'll write a poem on whatever you can think of and dedicate it to ya. Meh.
Oh,would you like to hear my faves list? I loved writing Free From Safety. The rhyming and the flow turned out better than I expected. I also can relateto it more than the others.

Le fromage est tres bon.
(The cheese is very good.)

Roaine the Great

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