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Ok, that was a sad start. Screw that.

I'm only 13, oh woe. But if I didnt tell you, you would never know. The wonderfull-ness of online bios. I am commonly known as: Phae, Phaephae (blame my imaginary friend. Its her problem that she calls me that.) ebony, and ebs. I'm asain, meduim height and have a unhealthy obsession with Inuyasha and Evanescence Sheet Music. But you probably don't care, do you? LOL I'm rambling, ain't I? ^-^

From time to time I will try to stick random things under this penname. If you don't enjoy weird opinions, random crap and slight controversy, then this isn't the place for you.

If you want to read some of my Fanfictions, goto and look under the name of ebony.

I live in the name of random-ness.