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Hello! I'm SpiritualGirl17 I was part of the membership CJ-Eada-Mary. Yet some problems came up and I now have my own e-mail address and membership! Wow!

I am almost six feet tall with blue eyes and brown hair. I'm 16. I enjoy softball and drawing and (ofcourse) writing. I have two sisters and six (yes, 6) brothers. 1/3 girls and 2/3 boys, not including my parents. All eleven of us live under one roof (how? I'm not sure, lots of patience).

I love to eat dark chocolate, spaghetti (is that spelled right?), mac and cheese, and steak along with other meats (not ham, it's discusting!). McDonalds is good too, I only weigh 124 pounds and I don't need to watch my weight.

I am a devoted Catholic and am strighty against abortion and saying God's name in vain, and all that other stuff, so if you wrote anything on those topics I will gladly read them.

Murder of a human life is wrong in ANY stage of its life, that includes if it hasn't been born yet.

I LOVE watching Teen Titans and Nick's Avatar, the guys are so hot! Yes, I'm not a perfect little angel that spends all her time praying or anything, so go ahead and read my stories and poems, I don't bite, literally that is.

I also have a membership on Fanfiction.net, I'm called TeenTitanTerraLover.

I'm strictly against copying and stealing other people's ideas, so if it looks as if I copied off of you in ANY way, tell me please.

I see people like my Dirty Rotten Secret story, too bad I never have time to type...


When I write VAMPIRE stories, the vampire always wins. Maybe I'll write one where the vampire is evil and gets killed.

Anyways, just read and review my stuff, I am sure to review yours if you ask me!

Dead End by simplyme89 reviews
Home...a safe place, right? Read and review please!
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To Abort or Not to Abort reviews
My Aunt had it good in college, until she became pregnant. Now she has a choice between keeping the big scholarship, or keeping her son. TRUE STORY! RR SpiritualGirl17
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Mary Lenny's family has had a treasure chest passed onto their children for genereations. It has never been opened. No one knew its value until it is stolen. Mary and her bf try to find the theif, but fall into more danger! R+R! SpiritualGirl17
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Imagine on Abortion reviews
This is my way to discuss my views on abortion through these medephores. Imagine you are in this situation, what would YOU do? Best yet Third situation is up! R+R SpiritualGirl17
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To the End reviews
I wrote the poem while sick. It's short and rhymes so it won't take up much of your time. It's about this person who is extremly sick and giving up hope on surviving. Plz RR! flames welcomed! SpiritualGirl17
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This poem I made touched me deeply. It rhymes and has inner emotion. Just read and please review. What is the special gift given to all? Find out. SpiritualGirl17.
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I am the Rope In the Tug of War reviews
This is a short story on divorce. It is in the point of view of the child who is pulled back and forth between the mom and dad. The ending is sad, but truthful. please RR! SpiritualGirl17
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Discipline reviews
An sevenyearold girl hates everday of her life because she endures Daddy's discipline. It's just sad and truthful that children put up with abuse everyday. RR! SpiritualGirl17
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Dirty Rotten Secret reviews
Elizabeth Ross had a bff, Tammy McFerry, at least who she THOUGHT was her bff until she found out she only used her to cheat at school. Tammy will do anything not to get caught, even say goodbye to Elizabeth, permanently! PlzRR ON HOLD!
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This is a pretty short VAMPIRE story! It goes back and forth between the victom and vampire! I like how I wrote the end. Please RR! SpiritualGirl17
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