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Name: Kay Emme Yuu

Pen name: Tyner Twine

Why my pen name: I used Tyner Twine because of two reasons. One because I wanted to, and second is because it was dear to me. Tyner Twine when arranged spells twenty-nine + r =Twenty-niner. Why 29? It's a significant date and number to me and has always been a part of my life eversince I met my ex. Remove 'er' from tyner and 'w' from Twine it becomes my nickname; it reads as Tin-tin. (The name majority of my friends call me.) So there. :D

Age: 18

Birthday: October 14, 1990 (Libra, Year of the Horse)

Interests: Plenty to shock someone.

Hobbies: Reading manga, drawing, watching T.V. DVDs, writing and playing with my dog, Odie.

Things I am working on:

Beyond the Universe = next chap still in progress...(can be on hold)

Bondages = Chapter 10 posted! (Although it really is chapter nine because of the prologue)

Coming Soon: Manga: My Trigger Happy Sensei! - Meet Inoue Tatsuyathe perfect symbol of a commoner student. He's19 years old, an ace student, the prince of their school and...working for a HOST CLUB? And, meet Usagi Natsu, a a beautiful, super hot drunken victim Tatsuya met in the host club, constantly being bullied by her other colleagues.

Natsu: Come'ver 'ere Tatsu-chan... I'll show ye how t' play wit' fire.

Tatsuya: you love rough stuff don't you stinkingly aggressive chic.)

Natsu: smirks cocks her AK47 (google this one and see what I mean. It's a...er...a gun n_nV )

Tatsuya: gulps and look at the target mark posted on his suit. This isn't what I was thinking about...

General Information:

I'm basically an outgoing 2nd year student studying Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English in one of the known universities in the Philippines. I'm a student leader in various organizations and if you ask me how that feels, well...it's heaven and hell rolled into one.

Basically I hate being 'PMed' because of story updates. However, when I do like the story I don't hesitate to check them out. It's fine if you flame my stories just make it as constructive and as professional as ever.

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Please Papa bear! reviews
Everyone loves him because he's perfect, smart, cool. Every thing that a girl could ever wish for. But not me. I love Jun because he's the only person in the world who ever promised to protect me. He's my one and only love. My one and only Papa Bear-kun!
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The Mantra for Confidence!
Give me the hook or the ovation. And if you indeed decide to give me a hook, aim carefully for if you miss, by chance you might hit the devil.
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Lamentation reviews
inspired by anton chekhov's "The Lament"
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Beyond the Universe reviews
I believe that God sent angels without wings here on earth. An engaged Teenager who meets her first true love in an accident and a Fiancé who witnesses an everlasting love story of an angel who is willing to sacrifice everything for love. Chapter 15 is up
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My Trigger Happy Sensei! reviews
English teacher by day,crime fighter/special agent by night meets handsome and somewhat mysterious guy who whips up her short-circuited love meter with his host club skills. & So they meet and spark the fire of true love with the clicking of the trigger
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The Night of a Thousand Fireflies The Special Chap
Who am I Lord? But a flower slowly fading... a mortal at the brink of death...yet despite this, you gave me a person to love, a new purpose in life. I'm Yours...until the very end.
Fiction: General - Rated: K - English - Hurt/Comfort/Tragedy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,976 - Published: 12/28/2009 - Complete
For Tonight I'll Cry
Life's Lesson: "Treasure ever moment that you have with the one you love, before history repeats itself."
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Bondages reviews
She thought that she was merely a plain college student but when her grandmother dies, and when she thought she has lost everything...She gets kidnapped and bought by the person she hated to trust the most...And for what? To be his fiance? R&R to find out
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I've got the slightest idea... on what it means to smile when you're moving on...
Poetry: Love - Rated: K - English - Romance/Poetry - Chapters: 1 - Words: 280 - Published: 7/26/2008 - Complete
Your words became my reality, your poem became my world.
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Blue Sky: Code Crisis reviews
AS90, an organization of professional spies, assasins and agents, was beyond flabergasted when they discovered the sudden disapperance of 19 year old agent Machi Nanoyama who was then turned into one of the world's most destructive war craft.
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We Always Want What We Can’t Have…
Life sure is unpredictable. So many things to see, hear, feel and experience. It’s funny how we just get fed up over small things then give up when we still haven’t moved an inch of our guts to work on our dilemmas.
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State of Mind reviews
what I think, is what i got. R&R
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One Last Glimpse reviews
If I were only there when you were calling me...I should have known...Sayonara
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