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Warm greetings, fellow writers! Welcome to my humble portfolio.

As the pen name suggests, I am Lord Kelvin. Fan fiction is my game, and it is where I've made a firm foothold. Whatever English managed to throw at me was taken with grace and will of overcoming all difficulties, despite being but a teen. Thus, yours truly has made a way here. "Here", though, does not seem to be as friendly as the fandom realm, for I know nothing of the distinguished unspoken laws that I am sure to stumble upon sooner or later.

One thing about my review traits might strike you: I rarely praise without giving a fair amount of critique. Some of you will dislike me for this, but I assure you, there is a rational explanation. Like all critics, I seek out the negative points in a story. That is done to help you improve, dear colleagues. If your errors are pointed out, you know what to do to make a novel or short story better. The way of poking them out might sound harsh to the majority, or hurtful to the more sensitive people, but it is a proven fact that negative emotions are remembered the longest. Thus, it makes my reviews effective. Over eight hundred of them lie on my accounts throughout virtual space. Experience is not something a person gains overnight. Do take my words merely as suggestions. I am but a little person in the online world. I can do no harm to you, my friend.

The more touchy aspect of critique is that nasty thing we call "feelings". Colleagues, friends and associates, you do not have a right to be offended if I speak of your story, not you as a writer. All comments are directed to a particular piece of literature, never a person. The difference between constructive and destructive criticism is that the latter describes you in a foul way. Lord Kelvin, as an account, is never used for flaming. If I am proven making a logical fallacy within a review or simply being wrong, you are entitled to a written apology. Before asking for one, though, it is recommended that your message is checked for presence of actual argumentation, facts.

Any form of sensible response with proper English and no overabundant overcapitalisations is always rightfully answered. However, it should be common sense to note that review boards are for reviews, not settling personal scores or psychological issues. For messages with personal content, you are advised to use either the addresses below or the site's personal message feature.

In addition, you are asked to show some respect. Every work that is reviewed has been read and evaluated on an equal scale. It is much easier to write fifty words of praise than three hundred of criticism. Most people will praise your work, because they do not trust your good will to take constructive criticism maturely. I am honest and refuse to stay silent when something is obviously wrong with a fiction. You can take it if you want to get better - that is my belief.

Lastly, I write constructive criticism because it also encourages others to be honest on my own writing. My methods work, the reviews I get are proof. If you believe your praisers don't make you justice or are worried about your skill level, do drop me a line. Truth is a hard topic to swallow, but if the writer does not deserve it, neither do you.

Here are a few quotations supporting my views:

“To avoid criticism do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.” Elbert Hubbard

"Bad artists always admire each other's work. They call it being large-minded and free from prejudice." Oscar Wilde

"People often mistake real criticism for flaming because it's not necessarily nice and polite. Flaming is a bunch of abusive comments with no real point except to get the receiver angry." GTAJake MK-II

"Nothing leads so straight to futility as literary ambitions without systematic knowledge." H.G. Wells

"Only a mediocre writer is always at his best." W. Somerset Maugham

"I am always amused by the silly vanity of those writers and artists of our day, who seem to imagine that the primary function of the critic is to chatter about their second-rate work." Oscar Wilde

"Feedback is golden. I try to write for my audience, and not for myself. All comments, complaints, criticism, advice, and other words and thoughts from my readers help make the craft happen." Blue Dragon X


18/06/09 Late spring cleaning. Since this page keeps getting hits, I may just explain that this account is currently on hiatus. If you wish to see what's up in a more current issue, drop here.

Otherwise, I'm always available for suggestions and a friendly review. Good luck, colleagues!

Smile... Tomorrow will be worse.

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