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Author has written 4 stories for Young Adult, Supernatural, and Love.

Graduated from high school on May 25th of 2007. So when everything currently posted on here was created I was still in hs and incredibly inexperienced (as in still had the v-card.)

I love poetry, and anything supernatural...vampires...oh you should check out Vaush's fictionpress account...wonderful vampire stories...if you like that sort of thing, which I do.

I'm a big manga fan... Sensual Phrase, Nana, Absolute boyfriend, The Vampire Game, Vampire knight, Punch, and etc.

I like to draw, but obviously I can't put those up some other time perhaps...

and in case you haven't noticed I like the ...

well that's it for now, if there's anything you want to know about just msg me...


To My devoted readers:

I must appologize for being so negligent with my writing, it has been so long since I was on here that anything I was working on has been erased. It is for this reason that right now I must tell you that for right now ALL writings except for chapters in "Forgotten Innocence" will be on hold until further notice. Things have been incredibly busy and difficult in my life these past few years. I just wanted to let those of you who actually read my work know what was going on and what would be continued.

F.I. i still have no idea where my hard copies are but maybe I can get to writing more again (a friend just literally talked me into it) so maybe after years of waiting you'll get to read more if you all are even still around...

Thank you all.


I don't know what to do or where to go.
The only shoulders I have to cry on are states away.
And when I cry its tears of blood.
Im lost. Confused. Haunted, by my past.
Memories I thought were long gone have returned.
Old stories, of a cousin, who was there when I was younger, now gone I scream for the past.
An uncle who cared even when he was in bad shape now elsewhere as ashes, leaving me to cringe with fright.
Sleepless nights.
Lonely days.
I miss life.
I miss people, even when they are nearby.
I miss existence.
I miss innocence.
I miss simplicity.
I miss the ignorant life I once had.
Call me crazy for it but it was better.
I scream out in pain from the details of a family I thought I knew.
How each person suffered.
What each person did to be hated by others.
I am alive in flesh but dead in my soul.
Where to turn next I know not.
I fight with ever tangling walls.

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