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Hello Strangers

I have a weird sense of humor, taste, and well I love snakes and random things of that sort like toe socks, hell all socks...that is all for now mostly because I haven't slept in two days...

I love to write of course. I'm never serious in my author's notes. I'm 22, a twin, and I live in texas...I work at a mostly lovely used bookstore... I am in school for computer programming...I SUCK at spelling and grammar which is sort of bad for my writing skills but I use a checker and my eyes to fix the problems.

I'm a girl. So therefore I write romance in my stories in some form or another. In real life I don't particularly fall for people often and I only date. I'm not a huge supporter for love so It's kind of funny that I love to write those type of stories the most...I digress though, I hope you like my stories I multi task write and I put out a lot of chapters at once.

A few years ago I use to update my stories multiple times a day almost every day however my computer crashed and my files were lost to me so even though it took me a long time to be able to purchase a new computer and get the internet again, I'm finally back up!!



Decadent Charms- 03/24/10 I am working on changing this and beginning anew please be don't hate me.



Secret Admirer- 03/24/10 I am working on it. I was close to finishing it so I will work on the last chapters in my sparse free time

STATUS: Working on my lost information

Chapter 22 Entitled--Bitch Slap

Someone gets Bitch Slapped...I hope I can put that word in here ...



Tuesday: Looks like her except her eyes are bright green


Alistair: The face shot is very very much like Alistair

Face: http:///albums/t77/thegreatredpanda/Lukas20Ridgeston.jpg

Sebastian: I know this isn't very detailed but eh


Gabe: His hair is a little different more shorter












Lily: Lily is a tad more youthful looking



I hope you guys enjoy. If not feel free to send me hate reviews! I'm a masochistic what can I say...

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Secret Admirer reviews
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