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I guess everyone that's ever read my stories can tell that I don't write much anymore.

I can do nothing but offer my apologies. Perhaps one day, in the future, I will have enough time to devote some attention to the stories I have on this site. I'd like to think that I have grown as both a person and a writer. FictionPress has been extraordinarily helpful in making me think outside the box and in making me try things outside of my comfort zone.

That is not to say that the ideas from All Fall Down and Betrayal aren't still swimming in my head. They are. It will simply be quite some time before I will be able to put them down to paper.

Thank you to all the people who either reviewed or sent me emails regarding my work. You've been great.


I honestly have very little to say about myself. My name is Danica (duh) and I'm female (also duh), I write (can you see where I'm going with this?). Other than the obvious, i'm 20 (somewhat old for this site, I see) and an uber novice when it comes to writing fiction. I'm actually quite the gifted essay writer, but my friends decided that I needed to expand my horizons to the less boring side of writing. This is how my fiction writing came to be--amusingly enough, my friends don't actually know about this account, nor have they read my fiction. Yet. I'm sure I'll let them read a story one day when I actually finish something and edit like mad.

The story I have up right now is called All Fall Down. It's a romantic comedy type thing following the life and times of one Zaida Appleton. My protagonist is crazy. She has many boy issues--she's got a crush on two of her bosses, one of which is her boyfriend's brother and the other being the boyfriend's best friend. She's also deathly afraid of her boyfriend's father, mother and sister. They're even crazier than she is. Oh, and speaking of crazy--there's Zai's mother. Well, you'll just have to read the story to learn about her. She's far too complicated to explain here. And how can I forget Stella. She's everyone's favourite blonde sidekick. Really a fun, fun character to write. Together, our cast of characters provide mindless entertainment whilst discovering both themselves, and each other.

AFD is being created as I write. I have no plot outline. I write what I feel like writing, when I feel like writing. I apologize if my updates are madly sporadic. I also have no idea why I'm writing my bio in such stilted sentences. Don't worry, this isn't a reflection of my writing style in any way, shape or form.

I hope.

Other than short stories, I write really really bad poetry. I made a point of taking down the only piece I had posted on here before I started AFD. It got like two reviews and was really, really bad. It rhymed and everything. I shudder at its memory. Twas definitely one of the worst things I had ever written.

Anyway--hopefully you aren't reading this before you read AFD. And hopefully this hasn't scared you away from proceeding to read said work. It really is quite amusing, if I may say so myself.

So, go read AFD. And don't forget to review it too. As a novice, I'd love to hear any constructive criticisms you have about my work, so I would love you forever and ever if you could drop me a line. I will of course do my very, very best to review those who review me; tis only polite.

Oh, I've also started two other fics. Betrayal is set in a fantasy world full of political strife, war, sorceresses and the odd scheming councilman. It magically came to be when I was supposed to be writing the 9th chapter of AFD. I don't know how sporadic updates will be.

Oh, and if you want to read really cheesy Inuyasha fanfiction--I'm also at fanfiction.net under Danica Blake. I pride myself in the creativity of my pen names.


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