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(I've decided to use a more creative approach to my bio)

STARRY NIGHT BLUE : The Owner's Guide and Maintenance Manual

Congratulations!! You are now the proud owner of the fully-automated STARRY NIGHT BLUE unit. To ensure that you get the full use and benefits of your beloved fanfic author, please pay close attention to the following instructions.

Basic Information:

Name: Starry Night Blue (a.k.a Zen, Zenny, Evil Canivel, Star, Shiraz, Shirry, etc.)

Date of Manufacture: Sunday, the 16th of October, 1988.

Place of Manufacture: Dubai, UAE.

Gender: Female.

Age: Twenty.

Height: Tall - 173 cm.

Weight: Relatively light.

Your STARRY NIGHT BLUE unit comes with the following accessories:

A laptop so she can write her fanfics.

Windows Movie Maker so she can make her AMVs.

More than 30 anime DVDs.

A number of manga books.

A sketch book so she can plot out her ideas.


A huge collection of currencies.

Tons of novels and books.

A cell phone.


Your STARRY NIGHT BLUE unit is an extremely friendly character, despite the fact that her friends call her evil, self-centered, rude, stubborn, hot tempered, annoying, emotionless, etc. She will gladly carry out functions as follows:

Fanfic Writer: Your STARRY NIGHT BLUE unit is a very skilled writer, with 58 stories written so far, and still more to come! She dislikes Slash and sexual situations (but doesn't mind those if they're only suggested), and will write any kind of story you would like, whether it's a tragedy or a parody; your unit will write 'em all! She also writes original fiction, which can be found on fictionpress, under

Manga-ka: Although not a very good one, your STARRY NIGHT BLUE unit is quite capable of drawing manga and anime characters, but suffers from the problem of not being able to draw the same figure more than once.

Movie Director: The STARRY NIGHT BLUE unit takes pleasure in making videos, especially AMVs. She once spent a whole day trying to finish a Furuba video. You can check out her works in YouTube under

Beta Reader: Your STARRY NIGHT BLUE unit is a fully-qualified beta-reader, and has been accredited by PI (perfect imagination). Give her story of yours, and she'll be sure to return them error-free, along with helpful suggestions!

Swimmer: Um...yeah. The STARRY NIGHT BLUE is a very good swimmer. So...yup!

Chocolate Devourer: Watch out; the STARRY NIGHT BLUE is extremely obsessed with chocolate, and will eat any kind of chocolate she'll lay eyes on. She's been known to be able to eat five chocolate bars in less than five minutes, and still want more. Mind you, she does not gain weight at all.

Sharp Come-Back Generator: The STARRY NIGHT BLUE unit will not let anything go past her. If she's insulted or irritated in any kind of way, she'll be sure to come up with a sharp come-back which she'll throw at her offender.

Bodyguard: Even though she's never taken any professional courses, the STARRY NIGHT BLUE is extremely skilled in self-defense and attack strategies. You can rest assured that you'll be safe when you're around her...except if she's too bored to protect you, of course.

Translator: The STARRY NIGHT BLUE is capable of speaking Arabic, English, French and a slight bit of Japanese. You will notice that in her fanfics.

Site Manager: The STARRY NIGHT BLUE unit is skilled when it comes to designing websites. She already has two of her own, out of which one you can view in her homepage.

Your STARRY NIGHT BLUE unit will come with six different modes:

Happy-n-Hyper (default)



Pissed Off



The STARRY NIGHT BLUE unit is known to be usually happy and hyper. You will notice that whenever you speak to her. However, if an Internet failure, or Writer's Block, or lack of TV shows, or having friends who're busy to hang out, should occur, then this will result in the activation of the Bored setting, which will be accompanied by constant whining and sudden outbursts of annoyance.

The Irritated setting is activated whenever the STARRY NIGHT BLUE unit encounters cooked vegetables, yaoi and yuri and lemon fics, emotional situations, her 8 year old brother, extreme fashion, girly stuff, sappy romance, the color Pink, Tweety, Droopy the Dog, surprise quizzes, chores and injustice. Be sure to avoid these things at all costs.

The Pissed Off setting is activated when the STARRY NIGHT BLUE setting is offended or wronged in any way. In such situations, it's best to avoid interactions with this unit, because it would result in extremely violent outburst and mild tantrums. It's only safe to talk to the unit again when she stops shaking.

The Guilty setting is activated when the STARRY NIGHT BLUE setting does something wrong. This will result in extreme restlessness on the unit's side, and since she's not very good at apologies, it will continue for a while. It's best to talk to the unit to get everything sorted out before she cracks due to her guilty conscience.

The Stressed setting is activated very rarely, especially since she always takes a relaxed approach towards things. She may get stressed before an exam, but that's very rare, as well.


The STARRY NIGHT BLUE unit is fully capable of cleaning herself. End of story.


The STARRY NIGHT BLUE unit is very picky about the things she eats. She will never touch anything with garlic or onion in it, and will keep well off from stews and veggie meals such as spinach. She prefers fast foods, rice, sea food, etc. (above things excluded). However, the most favorite thing to eat for the STARRY NIGHT BLUE unit is probably sweets and chocolate. So keep the candy coming!

Relations with Other Units:

NAS-IIN: This unit happens to be the STARRY NIGHT BLUE's beloved big brother. The two have a very close relationship, and will not anything separate them. Be careful not to come between them, or else you'll be on your unit's black list.

SHIMMERING TEAR: This unit is your unit's best friend. The two have been very good friends since third grade, and they share a lot of similar interests...even though they are relatively different than each other.

TEARLIT: This unit is sort of like your unit's right arm. She always helps her out and offers her good advice when she needs it. She's also your unit's global moderator on her forum.

CLUELESS GIRL: This unit is a good friend. She's very sweet and kind, and always tries to help whenever she could.

Frequently Asked Questions (most of these have really been asked):

Q: Where does the STARRY NIGHT BLUE unit come up with her ideas?

A: You may find this to be odd, but the STARRY NIGHT BLUE unit usually comes up with her story ideas while in the bathroom. This is not a joke. Just put your unit in a bathroom, and watch her skipping out happily a few minutes later, before hurrying to her notebook to scribble down her ideas.

Q: Why does the STARRY NIGHT BLUE unit insist on using single quotations ( ' ' ) instead of double quotations ( " " )?

A: The STARRY NIGHT BLUE unit is a lazy bum. Any reason to say more?

Q: Where does the STARRY NIGHT BLUE unit spend her free time?

A: The STARRY NIGHT BLUE unit spends her free time managing her own fanfiction site! Muse Bunny is a writing community for fanfic authors to meet, share ideas and get to know each other. They can also participate in various contests and activities!

Q: Why does the STARRY NIGHT BLUE unit hate Tweety?

A: The STARRY NIGHT BLUE unit hates Tweety because he keeps humiliating Sylvester!! Um...yeah.

Q: How can the STARRY NIGHT BLUE unit be bribed into updating her stories?

A: The STARRY NIGHT BLUE unit can be bribed by being offered mountains of chocolate and cookies!! Kidding! The STARRY NIGHT BLUE unit will gladly update any story as long as she gets a sufficient amount of reviews on her stories. (You heard the narrator! REVIEW!!)


With proper care and maintenance, the STARRY NIGHT BLUE unit will live for many years yet to come, until God's Will decides to take her from this world. However, if for some reason you can't stand to have a certain author in your house, tell her that you'll buy her all the chocolate she wants, on the condition that she leaves, and she'll be off in no time!!

Yes, yes, I can see my biography got me loads of fans …well, anyway, if you're still hanging there, why don't you be a dear and check out my stories below? Oh, yes, and reviews will be really appreciated…and they'll definitely keep you off my blacklist!

(Note to Self: Get the hell out of here before people start throwing tomatoes at you!)


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