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I have no idea why you are reading this. I'm not that interesting.

Okay...I suppose I'm supposed to tell you something about myself.

I'm moderately insane girl of an age that you will have to determine for yourself. I go to a...completely wacky school full of COMPLETELY wacky people. I read like books are oxygen. I like chocolate chip cookies. I am convinced that most everything I write is very, very bad. And I'm right. Oh, well.

That is my life in a nutshell.


UPDATED 3/18/09: Wow. Interesting. This is really due for a complete overhaul. It's a good thing I have just such an overhaul in store.

You see, there's this strange thing called "The Future" that people want to to start worrying about at some point, and in "The Future" one is supposed to be somewhat self-sufficient. Since about the only thing I can do is write, it follows that I need to be somewhat self-sufficient at writing. That is, I need to be able to publish something so I can...you know...EAT. Pay bills. Etc.

Yeesh. Me paying bills. Thank God "The Future" is still a little bit away.

Anyway, I have decided something. I've decided to pull off some of my revisable stories to revise them. Whether or not they appear back on the site depends on the success of my revision. I will continue to post material up here, but it will be likely more esoteric, my more experimental writing, rather than the stories here now. So...yeah. For the maybe five people interested, that is my plan.


"Trials of Flight"- Random piece of poetry, summery for it sucks. It's also ancient.

"To Grandma's House"- English assignment that I wrote (a LONG time ago), kind of hard to understand in the end...a boy goes to visit his Grandma during the Depression.

"The Hunted"- Yes, it's supposed to be confusing. Can't explain too much about it. Blame the wacky friends for the lyrics.

"Silence is a Double-Bladed Sword"- No idea where this came from. Title explains; girl who rambles about silence.

"Shattered Glass"- no longer on the site. If you want to read it, message me, and I will send you the text.

"March Snowglobe"-short story, also originally for the writing class, partially autobiographical...not very happy with the title, but whatever. On the site so I can get some feedback on it.

"Breaking Point"-short poem. Spur of the moment. I do write poetry, I just don't put much of it up here. Because most of it is very bad. Also, the formating on this poem was screwed up.

"Cup of Hemlock, Crown of Silver" (formerly "I'll Be There") - NO LONGER HERE. Sorry. Well, not really, since what was up was horrid, but...yeah, this story does not exist here anymore.

"What Mark Left Behind" - random. Somewhat angsty. I was trying to write something else, and that thought wouldn't leave my mind. It's poetry, which is odd for me, but...yeah.

Multi-Chaptered Future Stories

Note about future stories: I have all of these ideas jotted down here, and more in various notebooks, and I work on them very sporatically. I might write thirty pages for one over the course of a weekend and not touch it again for two years. I try to keep this list up to date on what I'm working on, with the stories most likely to be on this site soon at the top, but my writing is unpredictable even to me. Also, I try to update regularly, but that generally only works in the summer when I have nothing to do. Updates are generally a month or two apart.

"What You Fight For Is Never As Important As Why You Fight"- possible adventure (no, really?), she was an abused and neglected daughter, he was a street kid hired by a gang. In the midst of a world where nothing is as it should be, how can two outsiders make any difference at all? Mostly just a title, a scene, and a couple of scene ideas now. Very iffy for timing...don't look for this anytime soon. UPDATE: 8/7/08. Do not look for this any time in the near future.

"Entwined With Shadows" or "Murderess in Lace"- adventure. Story of a spy/mercenary. One of my favorite ideas ever, but one I've been waiting to start until I have some time. So, keep a lookout for this one. Update 12/2/07: Will most likely not be coming for a long time. Possibly by the end of next year, but I doubt it. I have more work than a Wookie has hair and far less time than Anakin Skywalker has patience.

"Warrior-Maiden" (title pending change)- possible adventure piece, Lord of the Rings style - three people against insurmountable odds. Never actually finished planning, nor is there a first draft of anything.

"Jungle of Honor"- possible adventure story (do you sense a pattern here?). Possible. Still not sure if I'll ever actually get around to finishing it, but there is a first draft of the beginning. It lacks correct facts and I lack time to correct them.

"Finding Happiness" (title pending change)- adventure. Recently took another stab at it, making it less sappy and giving the main character some, hopefully, depth. The story idea is being revised, and I may have a first chapter up by the end of June. Maybe. Update 12/2/07: I am looking at my notes for this project as I try to plan out some sort of schedual for the next year, and I am finding that I have lost interest in this project. I might regain interest at sometime in the future, but it's extremely unlikely.

"The Mystic's Word" - possible...don't really know what it would be, since it's more of an idea right now. Two fugitives become captivies of a most unusual being.

"It's the Last Thing That Matters" or "TWR"- possible fantasy/adventure piece about three siblings with supernatural telepathic powers...fight against evil, startling secrets about their family, blah, blah, blah, my usual fair. First draft? Ha, very funny. I'm still not actually sure if I even want to venture into fantasy again until I'm older, and I have more experience writing. It's an old idea that I've been thinking about so I've decided to stick it up here so I might remember to write it...someday...

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