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Wow, what a kick...hello fictionpress and other readers, um...*what to say, what to say*. Well I'm lost how about you, so um anywho thanx for taking the time to check-out my 'stuff ' (in a matter of speaking) I really hope you'll enjoy it and I'll do the best I can to keep you entertained with my verse, teehee so unlike me but it really isI think, oops I'm confuzzing my self, again. Um well i just wanted to let people know that I'm glad your here and thanx to everyone who's helping me with my writing. Special thanks to the people in my life that give me stuff to write about and to Robyn for editing, I know you know the story as well as I do and lastly thanks to Mr. Petrie (English teacher) for sugesting that i explore my writing 'talent', is alot of work but is rewardingly fun. The authors on my favorite authors list reading their storys and reading along with them chapter by chapter has helped me greatly in my own inspiration. I'm hopin' to write lots and lots, see I did, see see, look at all those word I just wrote for you to read. Oh man I'm really long winded.Oh as an add on just to make things longer I just to be on common ground, no ones a good speller so give other authors and my self a break, everyone makes mistakes, plus we only get better with practice right so sorry ahead of time. ~Jen

Ok, on to buisness;
Age: 17 (very shelted childhood; thank god for high school, its been eye opening)
Birthday: June 2nd
Birthplace: Canada, eh!
Loves: Chocolate, Candy, online comics and smart guys who are my own age, not older, hint,hint
Dislikes: raw meat and meat in general(ewww!)
Height: 5 feet 8 inches tall (uh...actually, I'm not too sure anymore, can people shrink?)
Sign: Gemini (hense the name, teehee)
Weight: ...Classified information, tis on a need to know base's and you dont need to know!
Updates: we'll wait and see, depends on my editor friend Robyn, till we get going that is and...huh, me confuzzed
Anime: Inuyasha, Gundam (Seed, Wing, G), Witch Hunter Robyn, ect. (there are too many)
Music: Evanescence, BSB, Marilyn Manson, ect. (again, too many, i'm eclectic what can i say)

Well thats about it for now! PLEASE REVIEW, oh and look for the authors note at the begining or end of each chapter for tid-bits, thank you's and such, teehee! Oh and I'm hoping to finish every story I start, promise. *well...I hope*

Author speaks: (June, 12th): THE REVAMPING HAS BEGUN!!!

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