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1/17/2011 - Hello out there! Seeing as it's been a mammoth amount of time since I last posted something or even showed my face on here (besides reading and reviewing stories, which I still continue to do) I figured it was time to let you know exactly where I've been (if you're still there). I'm at the tail end of my college career and that has taken up a lot of time, but I also have been busy working on a rather large story. It's up to about 93 pages at the moment, closing in on 50,000 words, but I wanted to have it completely finished before I posted, because as you can see with Transfusion, I didn't get very far once I started updating it here. I'm a little more than half-way done with it, so don't expect too much too soon. However, as an incentive for waiting, I'm posting a short story I wrote recently about my whole 3 1/2 years in college. It's really an allegory, but it illicited tears from me, so please, enjoy the story entitled: Title.

12/13/2008 - Hiya! Guess who's updated in record time! This story, The Rest of My Life, is probably the saddest, but according to a regular reader, the best writing I've ever done. I'd appreciate if you guys would read it and let me know what you think! Yes, tissues are needed. I cried while writing it...they're good tears, in case you're wondering. :)

12/05/2008 - Hey guys! Lee's story, aptly titled "Lee", is up! check her out!

Thanks to those of you insisting that both Lee and Kelly needed a story after Claire got her "happily ever after", Kelly's story will come eventually! Right now, I have a small idea for her story, but am, at the moment, writing something else that is a bit darker and matched my mood a couple of days ago. Now I just want to see how it'll end. Yes, I'll put it up here too.

03/28/2008 - Good news for those of you who loved Claire. Lee's got her own story in the making, and after her, Kelly. I can't promise anything soon, because the ideas are still bouncing, but when they happen, I'll let you know.

I love to write. I've been keeping journals since I was twelve, even though I've written stuff from before that. I am a Christian so most or all of my work will in someway refrence God. Thus, all my writings will be at least G rated. If the refrence to God and his greatness offends you in any way, read something else. Also if you want my email address, ask me for it in one of you reviews.

I have a collection of short stories and Essays that I've either written for school or just for fun. Currently the shorts that I have up are:

Black: My only poem on here. It's rather...for lack of a better word...black.

What is Beauty: An essay I wrote. God taught me a lot during January/February about the meaning of true love and because of all the thoughts running about, I had to put it on paper. These are my organized thoughts.

For the Love: This short story is currently my longest short story. It's about 19 pages long on Word, 12 point Times New Roman font if that tells you anything. It's about a young newly wed woman in a war torn country where the new dictator's first decree is that all the unborn baby boys are to be aborted. This is her reaction to the edict when she finds out that she's pregnant with her first child. I also think this is one of my favorite stories.

Klutzerella: For all those hopeless klutzes out there (of which I'm a proud part!), let this give you hope and remind you of what (as my one and only reviewer said thank you!) "is truly important."

Musical Improvements: This essay, or maybe short story based on real life, came through watching an inexperienced, young ensemble take a piece by Beethoven and, with help from a good coach, draw together to make music.

Neighborhood Snow: A story/description of a time it snowed in my neighborhood.

Martin Luther and Katie: A funny, charming story about the great reformer Martin Luther and his wife Katie. The story, of course, is fiction, but the characters are real. This was written by my mother for a Reformation day play (she played the nun Fide).

Den: My emotional reaction to Poe. This was written simultaneously with an essay that I had to do on Poe's "The Fall of the House of Usher" and "The Cask of Amontillado". Both stories tore me up emotionally. This was the outlet. Thus the dark theme. The reason it's NOT like Poe is because my character is fighting for life while Poe seems to take a fiendish delight in destroying it. Yes. There's romance in it.

War's Scars: This is a little something that came from my heart for a Composition class. I don't normally write short stories, but this one I thought was so good, that I kept it short. People have told me it's heart wrenching. It's a story that could easily be true, but it really is fiction.

Cinderwhite: A funny little story that I wrote with my family, spur of the moment. It has reference to twenty different fairytales/stories. Snow White, Wizard of Oz, Hansel and Gretel, The Red Shoes, The Frog Prince, Cinderella, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit, Alice in Wonderland, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Thumbelina, Narnia (Prince Caspian, Eustace, and Rabadash), Bible story of David and Goliath, Oliver Twist, Romeo and Juliet, Star Wars, Rapunzel, Mary Poppins, and The Lost Island of Atlantis. I might have missed more, but...

My really long "book" is called Transfusion

It's a story about a girl who has had a total memory wipeout and about a boy who is given the ability to "Transfuse" inside someone's brain. Through this he helps her regain her memory. (Updated 5/14/07!)

Short Story Deliberations is what happens when I'm bored on a Sunday afternoon. I had time on my hands and my fingers were itching. As a result I was able to come up with several different story ideas.

Masquerade is a 15 page short story about a girl at a Masquerade ball. She's looking for someone, and we get to meet many colorful characters along the way. I had fun with this story, and some of you might ask why I purposefully left out who He's dressed as at the end, and I'll tell you. I didn't want him to be just another character. I wanted him to be real. Adding the details of his costume in there would have made him just another character in the story. He IS in there. If you look carefully enough, you will spot him. If you can't figure out who he is, I'll tell you in a review.

Laurel is a personal record for me. It took me two days to write. I simply couldn't write fast enough. I wanted to get to the end of the story so badly. Anywho, it's about a girl. Yes, a girl. Her life gets turned upside down in a bike/pick-up truck accident, and through out it all, she begins to realize that her best friend, Jared, maybe isn't just her best friend. It's a sweet story. My new personal favorite. Of course, all my new stories are my new personal favorites. :-)

Josh Bennet's Bad Day was a story that I call a "spur of the moment" piece. I was really bored during one of my online classes, and found a friend of mine on AIM, told him that I'd write a story right then and there that emulated his dislike for Mondays, and within about 20 minutes, Josh Bennet's Bad Day was born. I had to take it out of AIM format and edit it a little, but 99.99 of it is still there. The other .01 is even better then the first attempt.

Claire was a coming out story for me. I recently moved to college, about three hours from where I used to live. I've lived there my entire life, so I was really struggling with the feeling that I had no friends, besides my roommate who I had just gotten to know. Things have improved, but while I was in the throes of depression because of these feelings, the idea for Claire started niggling at the back of my head. It took about two months of bouncing to solidify. When it solidified, it solidified in a powerful way. Many of her feelings are mine, except magnified about x10. By the time the story had finished, I'd grown, Claire had come out of her shell, and she had found a bunch of friends who loved her for who she was, and I had too. Thanks to all of you who've reviewed and given suggestions!

Lee is the second story of three. She's the spunky, stubborn girl from the trio that make up Claire, Lee and Kelly. She also doesn't quite know what to do when a guy makes an appearance in her life. She struggles and Claire and Kelly are there for her. It's really quite something. There was an amazing sense of peace when I finished this story, simply because it was such a struggle to either get Lee to do what I wanted, or to watch her do what I didn't want her to do, or to try and find a compromise that would keep with her character but also let me tell the story the way I wanted too. Yes, it took about nine months. I think that's the longest a short story has ever taken me. I'll probably do some small touch ups here and there as I feel like it, but right now, you, the reader, have Lee in her purest form. :) Enjoy.

The Rest of My Life is a story that happened when I lost a friend to a neck injury. It emotionally jarring and honestly the weepiest story I've ever written, but like everything, it comes from my heart.

Title is the chronicle of my short 3 1/2 years in college. It is an allegory of an autobiographical nature so naturally there will be things in it that don't make sense except only to me, or someone who has lived with me all throughout college. Needless to say, enjoy it. There are some things to be learned!

Please read and review my stories, but especially Transfusion! I normally take the time to review yours if you'll review mine. Thanks!


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