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Not a lot to know about me except...

Name: Megan

Favorite Color: purple a deep purple not that icky violet purple

Age: 14

How tall am i: I used to be 4'7 about six months ago I have successfully grown to be 4'9

Hair color: Brown with golden blonde streaks

Eye color: hazel..wish to be blue

Contacts or Glasses? I have had to wear my glasses for quite some time now but I want my contacts again...

How many pets? 3 Dogs, one cat

Favorite thing to do: Swim I love water!!!

Place i wish to go: I really want to go to California and Hawaii and possibly Colorado since my sister will soon be moving there.

Favorite movie quote: Yes I am your consience we havn't spoken in a while. how are you. Finding nemo

Places I have been: Memphis Missouri first time on an airplane, which was totally awesome!! Tennessee, and Myrtle Beach I don’t get to many places but at least I've been somewhere...I have also been to South Carolina and North Carolina.

I had abandoned fictionpress because I lost my writing motive but it's back and so are better stories more spell check and less grammar problems. Please forgive me though I can't be perfect their will still be mistakes. But mostly good storylines just tell me what you think. My new one is a lot better so please look into it.

I have also checked into some of my old stories I am currently rewriting Lost with No Hope it was first intended to be set back in old times when people used words like lovely and picked berries. I have decided that my characters seem too childish and somewhat mentally retarded so I will revise my story and have the new one on shortly...

Guess what I thought of the best ending I could come up with. I also have the entire story in my head oh yeah. I couldn't sleep one night and bam it hit me. Stay tuned and find out what happens In Lost with no hope. I hope to add in at least ten chapters but if it pans out the way I want it to it will have sixteen chapters.

As of for my story Fighting for Life I am totally lost its suppose to have somewhat true historical parts in it. No, though it’s not going to be like a boring history book. But it was intended to go back in the past. To tell you the truth I started this story in history class but half of the story I had to write and turn in so I’m missing some historical events. If someone knows about history a lot more than I do than please message me it would be helpful.

As of for my story hiding from parents I think I will delete it. I have no interest to continue it. What I originally had in mind was just plan stupid. But I can’t stand having less than for stories online. I will soon start another one once I get an idea on what to do then delete it. Sorry if you did have interest in it.

Food Just a Thought. My very first poem without any guide lines I think its very good. If you think it isn’t a poem at all then tell me. Its just as the title says its about food read it please and review. Poems are not my usual thing but they may pop up every now and then if this gets a lot of reviews.

I HATE WAITING ON REVIEWS. people please if you read my one of my stories please review. Thank you I will try to do the same with one of your stories.

I am a Christian.

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