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Do you realize there is nothing here?



I certaintly didn't until I decided to glance over my bio five minutes ago. It was a rather happy five minutes ago filled with random dancing and a much needed potty break. Then I came back here to check my lovely profile that I'm sure my immature, childish self had written only to find...nothing. Now that is just deppressing.

Where is my cute little words?

Where is my dork personality showing off to the millions (I wish) of fans wishing to read this page?

Apparently not here.

So I shall fill this with a worthy profile so that this worthy one (ha. Rurouni Kenshin only with out the un-) can look upon this in...a couple of months should do and shutter and my utterly ridiculous words. A worthy cause this one must say.

NAME: What is in a name crap I lost it. Well I had read this a couple of months ago, you'd think I would remember. Sadly, 'tis my friend who remembers the lines since I forced her to utter them when I had to make a Romeo and Juliet video for a class. Well my name is something that one can joke about quite a bit (as proven by multiple annoying forces). You do not need to refer to me as anything else except for Yume or Yumeko-chan or for those who can read japanese 夢子。

Age: Really what is age but a set limit on time? I'm old enough to know when not to be a busy body and when not to bother older people who have guns. I'm pretty damn sure that's old enough. That and I'm old enough to make icky cliche stories that should be shot in the head (figuratively of course as they have no head).

Race: Ako I filipino. Hah. I wish I could speak full on Tagalog. But I can't sadly. I can understand slightly thanks to my parents and their constant yelling in there tagalog!

Where am I?: I'm in your mind! Technially I am since, well, your reading this so I'm in your thoughts. Muhaha. Step one of my evil plan is correct. Anyway, being nice, being rather general as well, I live in Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun babes.

Personality Wise: I can tell you a whole bunch about my persona. However, a couple months from now, or even a couple of hours from now I'll completely disagree and have fun deleting this section. I'm sarcastic, witty, mean, nice, caring, annoying, thoughtful, bitch, a lover, a mother, a child, a sinner, a saint all rolled into one. Haha. Alanis Morietta. She's a pretty good singer (well sometimes she kind of just speaks). But seriously, yes. I'm all of this and probably more. As my mother likes to point out I have like three personalites, on good days. My persona ranges from meek to loud, to loving to just being a jack ass. So watch out.

Story Wise: I don't update. Let's clear that now. I have a severe problem with updating things. I also have the tendancy to start stories and not have the others finished. Up to date, I probably have about 100+ stories, not counting the ones brewing in my head. So good luck with that.

Amusing Quotes from Real Life and well Everywhere (some w/o citaions I'm afraid.):

"Why must you argue with everything I say?"- Friend

"Why must everything that comes out of your mouth be arguable?"- My answer


"I may be short but you're ugly. At least I can grow."


"If I destroy you all, then I would technially be tall. So if I just blow you all up or throw you all off a building then that would make me the tallest one of all."- Me in the back of my group with everyone staring.


"If we chop them all then you can rule this little mudane world."- my right hand

"I disagree, burning is your best choice. Nothing is left behind."-my left hand

"You two disgust me. How can you tell me things like this? What are you my leprauchans? You know what, I won't listen to you guys. Especially you lefty!"-me

"Why am I being targeted?!"-left hand

"Obviously because your the left hand."-right hand

"Yes, I much agree. You're my left hand so you're bad!"-myself

"That is completely biased nonsense you jerks. If you happen to know being on the left is an honored position."-left hand

"If you've ever read a freaking book left hands were bad. In fact they burned you if people used you!"-myself

"Ooh! Burning?"-left hand

"See why we don't like you guys?" right hand.

"Fine, don't ever speak to me again!"- left hand.

"OH MY GOD! Punkoy wake up right now and talk to your damn niece!"-daddy dearest

"Ohoh, he's caught onto our conversations!"- myself

Let's just say that it was a ridiculously long journey from the airport where we picked up my uncle to our house and it was night. My mother was driving, my father was reading (using a cellphone light), and my uncle was napping next to me. Interestingly enough, I held some intellegant conversations, despite them being interrupted by my father.


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