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DECEMBER 18TH 2013: Wow, I really can't apologize enough for this kind of absence, especially considering LPL only has one chapter left that needs finishing. I'm not sure at what rate the sequel will be updated/worked on. Putting it out there that I am still around and looking to do something with my story for anyone still out there. Thanks to the few that are sticking with it, it means a lot to me!

JUNE 19 2011: Am finally working on finishing LPL and moving on to its sequel. Hopefully expect an update soon?

SEPTEMBER 2 2009: The previous chapters in LPL have been temporarily removed. I don't want the content of the new chapters to clash with the old. Sorry, but it really needed to be done. I understand if some of you don't stick around because of this.


When I wrote this people IRL and online had been questioning me about it nonstop, so I was just a little bit hostile. Do your research please? The facts here still stand.

Okay, so it's finally come to the point where I should address this issue. I knew I was going to get a lot (I overexaggerated; I only got some shit) of shit for posting anything related to the Jesus Christ/Mary Magdalene deal. I find it strange that so far everyone who has said something to me has (1) only sent anonymous reviews and (2) thinks that for some reason Dan Brown was the original creator of the whole idea (I've never even read the frikken' thing/Update nearing 2011: I still haven't read it guys!And no, I don't think it's strange for them to have sent Anon reviews anymore. I wouldn't want to argue with an annoyed, somewhat pissed off and somewhat immature authoress. If that is their opinion, I am cool.

Um, he's not. He's NOT even the guy who brought it into the spotlight. Srsly people do some research before you start shit-fitting. :B (and if you don't want to, I feel tempted to say: without further ado, kindly eat a dick.) I still like the term "shit-fitting" and dicks.

"This myth was expanded upon and popularized by the controversial 1982 book The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail, and later claimed as factual in the preface of the 2003 conspiracy fiction novel The Da Vinci Code." -wikipedia (I know how believable, right?)

MYTH MYTH MYTH MYTH. For the love of god, you CANNOT copy a myth! Send me to the FIRST dude who came up with the whole thing, not the subsequent authors, like myself, who were intrigued by the idea and decided to write their own storyline. DUDE DUDE DUDE I USED THE WORD DUDE A LOT BACK IN THE DAY

I've talked to those who have sent me signed reviews about my stance on the case who have asked and I'll continue answering any questions others might have. We're still good here.

That being said, I'm not going to be discouraged or stop writing because some people think I worship Dan Brown, hahaha. I'm glad they have it in them to tell me the truth about what they think. I'll thank you for reading and giving me your honest opinion but try and come to the table with a bit more info before you get all defensive on me lol. Please and thanks. If it's not your style, don't read it. Durr, I know I know authors everywhere tend to say that, but it's got an awful lot of truth to it (much to my frustration, xD). Going to have to stand by this, as much as the Don't Like Don't Read bit enrages me.

To everyone that's still reading, reviewing or not, you're awesome and exceeded my expectations way more than I ever expected for LPL. :) I'm glad someone is enjoying it other than myself. Heehee. Yes, you all are still amazing for sticking around through this! Thank you again for reading it, enjoying it, and occasionally reviewing it!

Writings of the elusive Sonya creature-

Age: 23 (May 22, '90)

Gender: Female

Height: 5'10

Weight: 130 lbs

Location: kickin' dat shit in the Great White North. Haha, no it's not that cold here. I live in Ontario.

Religion: Raised Catholic, turned Agnostic, so I enjoy questioning and dissecting various religions. It doesn't mean I'm a complete nonbeliever, I just prefer to create my own version of life after death.

Sexuality: Bisexual

What am I Doing?: I would like to go to college or university then pursue a career in english, geography, photography, or cosmotology. Sadly this currently can't happen as I am on disability with several chronic illnesses. I am slowly learning to live with them and working past them so that I can go back to school again. :)

Interests: photography, writing, drawing, shopping/fashion (yes i'm wild about that), make-up artistry (i probably own over 100 eyeshadows and definitely still collecting), pacing back and forth in my room listening to music (how i get my inspiration), daydreaming, Encyclopedia Dramatica, rollar-blading, reading (mostly sci-fi, vampire, or philosiphical). I'm sure there are many more.

Music: Inkubus Sukkubus, Kamelot, Epica, Angelzoom, Within Temptation, Nightwish, Seraphim Shock, Loreena Mckinnitt, Haggard, Abandoned Pools, A Kiss Could Be Deadly, Buck-Tick, Aqua, Bjork, Alice Nine, Marilyn Manson, The Ataris, Starlit, The Meligrove Band, Coheed & Cambria, Flyleaf, Kittie, Immortal Technique, HIM, Sonata Arctica, ETC many more and whatnot.

Movies: Final Fantasy: Spirits Within, Armageddon, I Am Legend, Advent Children, The Hills Have Eyes, Beneath, Diary of the Dead, basically any zombie movie, Volcano (WATCH THIS.), new Starwars (General fucking Grievous!), Clerks 2, Troy, Harold & Kumar Go To Whitecastle, The Covenant, Blade (Wesley Snipes is one of the most attractive men I've ever seen), Blade 2, LotR trilogy, Interview With The Vampire, Borat (so sue me I laughed), Queen of the Damned, The Crucible, Pan's Labyrinth, Day After Tomorrow, Twister, Blade Trinity, horror/suspense types, NO SAW (in my opinion worst movies ever made. who gets off to continuous torture of people, not to mention giving all the psychos out there new ideas 8D) Insert more here. My views on Saw remain the same.

Books: The Chrysalids, Day of the Triffids, I Am Legend, Vampire Chronicles, Howl's Moving Castle, I Lucifer, The Lost Book of Enoch, HP Deathly Hallows, The Witching Hour, The Devil's Apocrypha, Paradise Lost, The Iliad, The Kite Runner, The Crucible, Trinity Blood series, ehh probably more.

Games: Thief: The Dark Project, Unreal Touranment, original Doom, Jericho, Left 4 Dead(2), Mass Effect 1 and 2, Dragon Age, AVP, Saya no Uta, and SYSTEM SHOCK 2. SHODAN ALL THE WAY.(if anyone wants to play on Steam with me, PM for my account name).

Anime: Getbackers (THE ULTIMATE SEX), Nightwalker, Trinity Blood, Elfen Lied, Saiunkoku Monogatari, Sorcerer Hunters, Beyblade (yes shoot me now huehue)

Appearance: (very) tall, slender, hair that now stays the same and is growing out, not so many piercings anymore, and still seksay. aha i'm having issues tonight. but seriously, I'm hot and not afraid to admit it. :) I'd rather women have confidence than not.

Tips: Moisturize your face in the winter and it won't burn. True story.


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